New technologies are being released daily to help forward the connectivity of the world, from 5G for mobile phones (which you can learn more about over on Cell Phone Deal), to artificial intelligence, to the things that we are yet to even learn about. Technology is making it easier for small businesses to survive, and it’s making it harder for internet giants to hold a monopoly on one service or platform.  

The most important effect of technology on digital marketing is that it is helping businesses create a more holistic approach.  Targeting specific communities of consumers is easier when the tools you have at your disposal are more capable.  

Take a quick read through some of the most influential ways in which modern technology is affecting digital marketing capabilities for business.  

Big data 

The progression of Cloud technology has granted small businesses the ability to compile large sums of customer data.  Your business has the ability today to know more than ever before about your target audience.  

Hiring a trusted name to manage your SEO efforts will place you in a perfect position to capitalize on technology’s approach to big data.  

Big data also gives business owners the capability to keep a watchful eye on the effect your digital content is producing among users.  Optimize your marketing efforts with a bulk of “inside” information on consumer habits.  

Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing

Through the assistance of artificial intelligence technology, your business can use the information they obtain to create a more accurate projection of consumer behavior.  AI grants your business more creativity and adaptational skills.  

AI is also a large tool used by the web’s most popular search engines to produce faster and more accurate/relevant results for web users.  The integration of AI into your marketing strategies will produce a much more individualized appeal to consumers.  

Machine learning 

Machine learning gives digital marketers the power to utilize automated content creation.  You can create various content pieces on several sites all at once based on the abilities of machine learning.  Headlines, banner ads, and social media posts can all be taken care of on an automated schedule based on machine learning technology.  


Blockchain has revolutionized the capabilities of digital marketing due to the incorruptible nature of the concept.  Blockchain is a string of blocked information stacked with infallible precision.  In digital marketing, blockchain can be used to track and maintain audience engagement.  

Web bots

Adding a chatbot to your business website is a fairly inexpensive way for your operation to extend a new level of customer service.  The information the bot gathers from passing web users and current customers can be used to fine-tune your marketing efforts.  

5G mobile speeds 

Faster web speeds mean that your digital content will return data to your operation with a quickness unlike ever before.  Faster loading speeds mean better digital response, and you’ll be able to put more into building a page of content. For instance, AR and VR displays of your products can step up your digital design game with 5G loading speeds.