Over the last year or so, the idea of giving back to society has been gaining more popularity, as people want to give back to the world in a more positive way, and this is where a plan to change jobs and work with people comes in.

The United States ranks as one of the most giving countries in the world, with over half of us saying we have donated to charity in the past month. 

The same is not true for all countries worldwide, though. There are many places where people live without access to important education or healthcare facilities, and many careers offer opportunities to help those in need.

Working With People, For People

Many people might be hesitant to enter these careers because they require a lot of work, but if you have a passion for giving back to society and you believe that this is an important part of your life, these are the careers for you. 

These are some great options in caring professions that will give back something good for society as well as help others improve their lives.


Doctors can be considered a people-based career, as they help others through their work, and while it might seem like this is a career that involves working hard or traveling a lot, it provides some very unique opportunities to give back to the world.

There are over 1 million doctors in the United States, and while they might not be able to fix all of the world’s problems, they are a critical part of society. 

Doctors can make an important difference in people’s lives, even if it is sometimes just as an important part of their care. 

Besides that, many doctors go about their careers with a passion for helping others by providing free healthcare for people in poorer countries.

Nursing and Healthcare

Nursing and healthcare are careers where you can make a difference in someone else’s life, which is an important part of giving back to the world. 

Nursing and healthcare careers are also a great choice for people that want to work with and help people every day. 

Nurses don’t just help people with a specific illness or disease, though; they can help thousands of patients improve their lives through treatment and care, which is an important part of helping give back to society.

It’s not an easy career to get into, though, and you’ll need to take a few courses such as an accelerated BSN nursing program before you can qualify as a nursing professional.

Social Worker

Next up on the people-based careers that will help you give back to society list is the social worker. 

Social workers are an important part of society, and they help patients improve their lives by going out, finding them the resources they need, and giving medical treatment and support. 

It’s a very important part of helping people improve their lives and giving them a stable environment to get better in.

Full-time social workers can earn as much as $59,000 a year, and it is also a career that provides so many different opportunities to help other people.


Teaching is another career that will help you give back to society. 

Teachers can inspire and motivate students to learn, and this is an important part of the education system. 

More than 3.6 million teachers are working in the United States, and they provide a vital role in ensuring that students get the quality of education they deserve.

It’s also very important for teachers to go about their jobs with a passion and motivation for helping people.

If you’re someone who wants to teach children or help people improve their lives, then it’s a great opportunity for you. 

Fitness Trainer

Fitness trainers are an important part of the fitness and healthcare industry, but they can also be a part of helping people improve their lives. 

Most fitness trainers deal with individual clients that have some form of health issue, and they can help them improve their lives through fitness and wellbeing. 

It’s a great career for people who love working out and being active, as well as those that want to see people make positive changes. 

It might not be a very popular career choice, but the earning potential is quite good, an average of $48,000 a year.

Personal Assistant

A personal assistant provides many different services to their clients, including ensuring that their schedule is kept and they have an organized life. 

Some personal assistants might look beyond their client’s needs and work on projects that benefit society in some important ways. 

It’s a great profession for people who spend a lot of their time working with clients and want to impact outside of the work they do. 

This also can be a great way to give back to the world by helping other people get the best possible experience from their day-to-day lives.


The legal profession is a great one to choose if you want a career that will help you give back to society. 

Paralegals and attorneys can help others in society, giving them legal advice and working on pro bono cases for clients who don’t have access to the same representation as others. 

It’s also possible that these lawyers can help people improve their lives by helping them with legal issues or even provide them with pro-bono representation.

Financial Consultant

The financial services industry is a great way to provide people with financial advice and support. 

Financial consultants help thousands of people each year, and they might even have some knowledge about the financial markets, which can help them give clients more options to consider. 

It’s also possible that these experts can help people improve their lives by providing them with information on how to get their finances in order.

Life Coach

Life coaching is a popular career choice among people seeking to give back to the world. 

Life coaches help people by helping them understand themselves better and helping them live a more fulfilling life. 

This is a great career for many different types of people, as they can help many different types of clients.