The US immigration process can be difficult and highly taxing. When you’re navigating through the thorny process, you’ll want the best attorney by your side to guide you through the steps. The best place to start is by having consultations with several immigration attorneys. However, there are certain guidelines you must bear in mind when meeting with them.

A reputable immigration lawyer will be hardworking, honest, and want to help you in any way they can. On the other hand, a bad immigration attorney can overcharge you, not deliver on their promises, and result in you being deported. Whether you’re seeking to file a petition for a green card or visa, here are some tips on finding and hiring the best immigration attorney in your area.

Check Out Their Website

The internet is a powerful tool in this instance, so use it to your advantage when seeking an immigration attorney. You’ll find all the reputable lawyers will have a professional website you can check out. When you land on their page, they should house their expertise, experience, and success rates. For example, PD Law Firm handles a variety of immigration cases. These include petitions, citizenship, waivers, and visa extensions. Make sure to look at testimonials too. This should give you more confidence that they’re the right person for the job.

Negotiate Fees

Any reputable immigration attorney will disclose fees in the consultation. In general, immigration law firms charge by the hour. Although, some lawyers charge fixed fees for the basic preparation and filing of your case. You should always opt to pay a fixed fee for their services or else ask that they provide an estimation of how much time everything will take to file your case. 

Look for Transferable Skills

When arriving at your consultation with an immigration attorney, there are key characteristics they must possess. Transferable skills like knowing how to communicate effectively and understanding the importance of time management will ensure your case and needs are put first. Not only is experience a necessity, but your lawyer also needs to know how to engage with you and keep you updated with proceedings. You may not understand law terminology. Therefore, having an attorney who can come down to your level and explain everything in easy-to-follow terms is a must.

Trust Your Gut Feeling

If you’re not happy with a certain immigration lawyer, don’t feel like you’ve got to choose them for your case. Instead, trust your gut feeling (there’s a reason we have one!) and look elsewhere. It’s always best to compare attorneys rather than selecting the first one you see. If you don’t have faith and trust in your immigration lawyer, their actions could cause serious consequences and see you being deported.

There are a whole host of complexities in the immigration procedure, particularly for individuals who are just arriving in a new nation with low English skills. Whatever immigration concerns you have, finding the best lawyer in your area who can guide you through the process from start to finish is essential.