You’ve probably thought (once or twice) about what you could do to lead a more fulfilling life.  Humans are interesting beings, as they have a very clear hierarchy of needs.  

Though you may view survival as a more visceral experience, the human body is heavily influenced by the power of the mind.  Check out a few foundational tips for leading a more fulfilling life, and start anew today.  

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Maslow was a psychologist who described a motivational theory comprised of five pertinent tiers to the spectrum of human needs.  You will typically see Maslow’s hierarchy of needs depicted as a pyramid.  

Needs on the bottom of the hierarchy have to be satisfied before a person can move on to the next.  The levels represent (starting from the bottom) physiological, safety, love and belonging, self esteem, and self actualization.  

This pyramid goes to say that you cannot obtain true fulfillment and happiness without having a stable foundation beneath home, physical safety, someone to love, care for yourself, and an understanding of yourself. 

Practice radical acceptance 

You cannot control every element of your life.  Radical acceptance is when you are able to accept that you cannot change, and roll with the proverbial punches.  Practicing radical acceptance in your life will grant you a freedom from stress you’ve likely never experienced before.  

To offer a tangible example for your mind to explore, consider this circumstance.  You stopped quickly at a stoplight, and the person driving behind you doesn’t stop in time.  They hit your vehicle.  

Instead of getting out of the car and showering the offender with obscenities, you conduct yourself with grace.  Accept the fact that you’ve just been in an accident, and move on to rectifying the issue.  

Take a timeout when you need it

It’s important to know when it’s time to step away from life for a moment.  You may think that stepping away is simply not an option, but you decide the bounds of your life.  Get creative, and find some time to discover your “zen” in life.  

Remember to be grateful

Though it may be easy to focus on all that is wrong in your life, it’s extremely important to remember to be grateful for the good things you do have in your world.  

There’s always something to be grateful for in your life, even in the darkest of times.  Search for the silver lining, and your life will be a bit more fulfilling.  

Do your best to not overthink things

When complicated situations occur in your life (and they will), take the time to think through your course of action.  The key is not to overthink your situation. Try to make a decision after giving yourself three days to think, and support yourself after the decision is made.