Pest infestations caused by insects and rodents can frustrate homeowners and potentially cause structural damage to their homes. While many pests such as ants and earwigs are mostly just a nuisance, other pests like rodents and woodworms can cause a lot of serious damage to your home. Contacting Pest Control is ultimately the best solution to this problem. Making sure that you deal with them once and for all. Let’s discuss some common household pests.


This is actually a general term for a few different types of beetles that bore their way into the wood. These insects can do major damage to a building’s structure. The house longhorn beetle, furniture beetle, and the deathwatch beetle can pose an issue for older homes especially, or any building with poor ventilation. Pest control companies such as can help you get rid of these pests.


Mice and rats can cause structural problems, however, the real danger lies in what they like to chew: wires, plastic, wood, and even pipes are all on the rodent menu. Rodents chewing through your house wiring could cause a power failure or even a fire.

Telltale signs of a rodent infestation include finding nests in the attic’s insulation, chewed wood, and rodent droppings. Be sure to keep your garbage, indoors and out, tightly covered to discourage rodents in the first place. Also, keep firewood and leaf litter away from the house. You can set traps, but poison is generally not recommended; the dying mouse or rat could crawl off into your walls to die, thus stinking up your home for months. Rodents carry a variety of diseases so it is best to get them out of your house fast. If the infestation is already too much, better seek help and call in a professional, such as Turner Pest residential services.


Woodlice are attracted to damp wood. The presence of woodlice indicates a moisture problem. Woodlice will also kill your indoor and outdoor plants. You can use a pesticide on your plants as well as on your door thresholds. Treating your damp wood is essential to rid your home of woodlice, as well as preserve the structural integrity of the house.


Silverfish also indicate a problem with moisture. These insects are most destructive to paper, including wall coverings and books. They will creep around at night in search of moisture, paper, and adhesives to devour. Once again, resolve any moisture problems to keep a silverfish infestation at bay.


Ants can be tough to get rid of once their colony is established. Food crumbs will attract them inside your house. Keeping a clean kitchen is the first step in preventing ants in the first place. To repel them organically, you can sprinkle a lot of cinnamon, black pepper or ground cloves along their ant trails. For a more serious infestation, professional help may be necessary.


Fly infestations inside the house are usually caused by poor housekeeping and negligent hygiene. However, flies can obviously get in from the outside environment too. While their presence is not a threat to the house structure, flies spread bacteria, and they can be a really annoying nuisance. The first step in prevention is to keep food covered and keep a clean house, removing any garbage. Also, keep the window screens and screen doors closed and in good repair.


Like flies, cockroaches indicate a dirty house and a hygiene problem. They also transmit bacteria and disease. If your home has a roach problem, the best thing to do is to contact a professional like Turner Pest residential services.