First-class POS systems have been around for a while now. Many businesses incorporated them into their operations years ago, but that does not mean these businesses are finished. Upgrades and updates are constantly coming out for POS systems from Merchant Account Solutions. You should always look for ways to offer your customers the greatest experience possible. That means finding incredible products like the Clover Station 2018 to bring into the fold. Here are other upgrades you need for your business today.


When you want to offer your customers the best in flexibility, you need Cloverflex. This is a mobile device you can bring to your customers anywhere in the store. It has the ability to make transactions and take orders all in the palm of your hand. It can even print receipts, so there is no need for your customers to get out of their seats. This is perfect for restaurants that want to offer table-side service. You can even get the customer’s signature and adjust the tip all from one device. Your staff will be able to collect payments with ease, and your customers will love not waiting in line as long.

Clover Go

Another great mobile device to incorporate into your company’s operations is Clover Go. This is another mobile device except you plug it into your tablet or smartphone. It allows customers to pay with chip cards from anywhere. It connects effortlessly through your smartphone’s Bluetooth, and it is fully compatible with all Apple and Android products. It is great if your business takes its services on the road. Instead of dealing with cumbersome physical invoices, you can have customers pay on your phone.

Clover Gift Cards

Consumers love buying gift cards for their favorite businesses. When you have the Clover POS system, you can benefit from the Gift Cards app. It allows you to create and print out effective gift cards from the comfort of your Clover Station. You can even issue digital gift cards to customers if they would like it sent to their email addresses. It also makes for an efficient way to hand out store credit. All of this is taken care of from a single device, so your employees can easily learn how to operate it.

Clover Insights

To grow your business, you need to understand what works and what does not. You can spend hours poring over the data by hand, or you can let Clover do the heavy lifting. New Clover POS systems come with Clover Insights, which allow you to gain a better handle on your company’s analytics. It collects data from every single transaction, including those from mobile devices like Clover Go. You can see what products sell well and which ones do not. You can also see how other nearby businesses are doing, so you can always remain abreast of the competition.

Customers want to shop at the best and brightest businesses near them. You can show how much you care about customer service by making some much-needed upgrades to your operation. Find everything you need to run your business efficiently at the right POS online store.