The land of Bordeaux is popularly known as the best wine producer in the world. It is widely known to have the most productive and massive grape varietal plantation. In fact, the land of Bordeaux has been exclusively producing wine labels that are best known in the world. They even have the most expensive wine labels ranging from vintage wines, red wines, and sparkling wines.

That said, one of the world’s most famous and most expensive wines is produced in Bordeaux. These are called Chateau Petrus or simply the Petrus wines. This is the latest wine label that Bordeaux had made along with other Chateau wine labels that were already famous in the market. They say the Petrus wines had humble beginnings compared to top tiered wines like Lafite Rothschild and Haut Brion.

The Petrus vineyard in Bordeaux is composed of 100% Merlot grape varietal. If you see other grape variety then it must be Cabernet Franc covering at least 5% only. The main reason why Petrus is considered to be expensive and unique because of the fact that it contains a 40 million-year-old blue clay which does not exist in other vineyards in any part of the world. This clay is able to produce the highest level of tannins which is found in every Petrus and all its labels.

That said, for some wine lovers who had been used to drink this wine label, there are some other things you must know why Petrus wines are excellent when it comes to fine wine labels. In this article, we’d like to give you some things you still need to learn about Petrus wines. This will help you understand what can this wine label really bring to your palate.

The Petrus Unique Button

As stated above, the main reason why Petrus wines are unique due to the fact that it is planted on a 40 million old blue clay. It composes around 11.5 hectares surrounding the Pomerol vineyard producing the most delicious and sweetest grape variety.

The clay has a natural organic chemical which possesses a lot of reduced iron that helps every grape to be developed in its sweetest flavor. That’s why a lot of wine tasters would love to choose Petrus wines compared to other labels.

Burganian Variety

On average, Petrus wines are produced for a maximum of 30,000 bottles per year. This is nearly a wine label which is considered with the highest quality and yet comes in a very limited edition. That’s why a lot of wine lovers would tend to be obsessed when Petrus wines are out in the market.

According to Brett-Smith, one of the world’s Managing Director for fine wine merchants, Petrus wine is all about Merlot varietal. He even describes it to have a Burganian variety because it is specifically found only in Bordeaux and the elements are used to craft this wine is unique.

Domestic Command

Like any other wine labels made in Bordeaux, the Petrus are normally called for domestic demand. In the overall production of Petrus wines, around 35% to 40% is domestically sold in France amidst the fact that there is a huge declined when it comes to sales of wine within the country because exports are more likely attended by other producers.

Moreover, the only country that Petrus wines exports their products are mainly Hong Kong, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

It’s A Kennedy Wine

As stated, almost half of the percentage of the total Petrus wine production is sold domestically. Despite the fact that it only dominates a few countries, it still gets its international recognition. Before World War II took place,  all Petrus wine labels had successfully gained its reputation. It was the time Jean-Pierre Moueix which is a local wine merchant had taken control of the estate to help them understand that Petrus should be distributed evenly overseas.

By that time, Jean-Pierre Moueix had introduced the “Right Bank”  which is a second zone found in Bordeaux. By that time, he traveled and sold Petrus wines in the UK and US and was very successful in introducing this wine to foreigners.

Distinct Label and Prices

Petrus wines are very limited and there are only a few bottles produced every year. Talking about its labels, there are few popular vintage bottles that are produced such as 1982, 1990, 1995, and 1975. The lesser Petrus vintages include 1993, 1992, 2002, and 1981. Additionally, it is said that the best Petrus vintage wine label to drink is the  1995 edition.

Lastly, talking about the prices of this wine, it can range from $1470 up to $4670 per bottle. Those who come as lesser vintage, the price may come either $470 to $670. Truly, Petrus wines are nonetheless one of the most expensive wines to taste.

Photo by Pixabay