Hotel amenities are the premium services or the extras you receive when you book a room. They should be premium services that go above and beyond customer expectations. Many times, they are the deciding factor in reservations and return visits.

1. Comfortable Bed, Linens, and Pillows

Not all beds are created equal! Guests desire soft, comfortable beds on which they can easily get a good night’s sleep.

They also want pillows that satisfy their personal preferences. Have several pillows in varying degrees of firmness.

Linens should be soft and breathable. Provide several fluffy, thick, luxurious blankets. Many guests prefer white sheets and duvet covers. 

2. Lavish Bath Accessories

Stock the bathrooms with several large, fluffy, white towels. Display instructions for reuse to preserve water. More people will opt to reuse a good, absorbent towel, which reduces your cleaning and replacement cost.

Modern hotels set themselves apart by reducing their dependence on tiny travel-sized bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Instead, consider mounting dispensers in the shower. This will reduce waste and can easily be refilled after each guests’ visit.

3. Complimentary Refreshments in Room

Nothing frustrates guests more than a $7 water bottle in their hotel room. Encourage repeat business by placing complimentary waters in each guests’ hotel fridge.

Instead of an in-suite mini-bar, have a well-stocked bar on site. Patrons will go down to purchase drinks and reduce complaints associated with mini bar charges. Plus, this gives your guests something to do outside of their rooms. For example, they could have a drink while watching a game or catching up on the news.

Another amenity offered by quality hotels is free in-room coffee. Many guests cannot function before their first cup of coffee! To go above the competition, you can provide a variety of mini creamers and coffee flavors.

4. WiFi

In today’s society, WiFi is a utility similar to electricity. Guests expect to have access to free WiFi during their stay. Ensure they are not frustrated by providing a good connection with easy access.

Guests will use WiFi to Skype family back home, stream movies, and catch up on company emails. To do so, they need a fast and secure network. Unhappy guests often leave unpleasant reviews, especially regarding WiFi services.

5. Continental Breakfast and Snacks

Many quality hotels offer a free continental breakfast. Fill your dining area with a variety of options. Include healthy options for all diets, but don’t forget many guests have kids! 

Keep your breakfast open for reasonable hours. No one wants to wake up on vacation to discover they missed breakfast!

Some hotels are also furnishing afternoon snacks or even a simple evening meal for guests. Doing so makes your guests feel extra special and increases the likelihood they will return!

6. Outdoor Area

Guests like the option to spend time outdoors, especially in locations with mild climates. Balconies are one amenity option for quality hotels. Provide seating on the balcony and give an option for a scenic view when booking.

Communal outdoor spaces are increasing in popularity. These spaces provide ample seating arranged in smaller groupings. Fire pits or other focus areas should draw people outdoors.

7. Desk

Today, many people often work on vacation. With our increased communication due to technology, no one can escape checking in or returning emails. Make sure guests have a comfortable workspace in their room. A desk equipped with ample lighting and several charging ports will suffice. Furnish the room with an office-style chair and a secure safe to lock up electronics when they are away from the room.

Business centers allot guests convenient access to the equipment they may need while away from the office.

Hotel amenities are often the reason someone books a particular hotel over another. When comparing hotels, guests examine the amenities provided to make their decision.