Whether you play poker with friends, at casinos or online, you want to win, don’t you? Nobody wants to play a game with money involved and lose. We have some tips that can help improve your chances next time you play.

Poker Training Videos
Many sites offer training video material that help you by watching experts play. These videos come with strategy insights, tips, advice, excellent reasoning and logic experts with literally millions of hands of experience. The beauty of these is you can watch them on your phone or tablet and at your own leisure. Some poker training video sites offer very low prices helping increasing your ability to earn more money for little cost.

Read Books
There’s a wealth of books on poker out there. A quick search on Amazon shows this. Like any hobby or discipline, reading and gaining knowledge on a subject makes you better. Poker is no different. It’s important to distinguish the good and bad books so pay attention to the reviews and the years they were authored. Most books pre 2005 aren’t as relevant any more with the exception of Doyle Brunson’s Super System which is a must for any poker enthusiast.

Discuss Strategy
We’re all different and finding new and better ways to play and change how we think about poker is important. Do you play with friends or colleagues? Have a chat over coffee over how they feel about playing from the big blind or how they feel about moving all in with Ace Queen when the tight old man raised for the first time in 3 hours. Discussion is a critical component of improving at most things and poker is no different. If you only have your own thoughts and insight, you are limited.

Play Low Stakes
There’s no substitute for playing lots and gaining experience. Start off small so you can’t lose much and pay attention to the action. Many people at low stakes are multi-tasking and not giving enough attention so you can take advantage of their lack of attention. 
Please remember to gamble responsibly