Like everyone else, after you’ve made the major decision to shift from your present home to a new location, you have two options: you have to decide whether to move with a full-service company or to rent a moving truck. In this article, we will discuss the differences between renting a truck and hiring a full-service mover. With this, it will be easy for you to decide which one will be cheaper and the best option between “moving truck rentals” and “hiring a full-service mover” to relocate your furniture. 

Pros of renting a truck

Save Money: Sometimes, You may be on a tight budget. Therefore, if you need to take small steps, you should choose to rent a truck. When you compare the cost between rent a truck and hiring a full-service moving company, you will find that the total cost of hiring a full-service mover is much more expensive than renting a truck. So, you can save thousands of dollars by hiring a truck rental company. The truck rental usually depends on the size of the truck you need, the number of kilometers you travel, and the number of days you drive.

Can pack whatever way you want: While you rent your truck, you need not be worried about how you taped the boxes or packed the items. According to the shape of the thing, it can be packaged as required or you want. It doesn’t matter whether it looks weird or has been carefully packaged. The matter is that it is packaged, which is exactly what you get from a  renting truck service company. But when you hire moving companies, they are interested in how well you could fit the items in a box or how well you taped the boxes.

Have better control of your belongings: You have better control over your accessories when renting a truck to make your move.  You will arrange your belongings by yourself, so you need not be worried about the condition. You will know where you placed all of your accessories. In this way, you can make sure that nothing will be missed, and if something happens or an item goes missing, you can only blame yourself.

Cons of renting a truck

Have to lift heavy items yourself: In renting a truck system, you will only get the van or truck to make your move. You have to move all of your belongings on your own or with a couple of friends. When your friend does not have enough experience, you may encounter another problem because you may scratch the floor and wall or even damage your furniture or any item due to the movement.

Need more Planning: While you rent a truck, you need to plan before you make a move. You need to make the entire moving strategy or plan by yourself. You will have to know how to pack boxes, arrange them, properly load a moving truck, what items go in first or last, and how to organize your move and your entire household items.

More responsibility: The benefits of renting a moving truck or van are obvious, but they are a huge responsibility in this way. You need to drive the truck, pay the fuel, cargo protection, tolls, and rental charges. Also, you need to pack your belongings and move your items by yourself. While with the full-service moving companies, you just need to have some insurance forms and accept their policies. 

Pros of hiring a full-service mover or moving company

Low effort in moving:  After paying high fees to the full-service moving company, you just need to sit back and observe their work. All weightlifting, packaging, and boxing are left to the moving professionals to take care of themselves. You just need to hire a reputable company to relocate your furniture and others materials. You need to worry about carrying and moving sofas or heavy items. Let the professionals do everything, and they will do the neat work for you.

Efficient Moving: Moving companies cost money, but they must do an excellent job on time and they will also get paid. A moving company usually has the necessary equipment and staff to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Cons of hiring a full-service mover

Expensive: Most professional mover or moving companies charge a high amount. You have to play well to be able to provide your services. While you hire professional moving companies, it does not matter if you move within a few blocks. You have to pay the amount you meant to pay, which can be a bit more expensive for anyone looking for cheap services.

Working With Strangers: The thing about moving businesses is that most of the time when you don’t know them, You hand over all your property to a stranger. This can be difficult for you when you experience trust issues. If you hire a non-professional company, there is a risk of losing all of your household items.

It seems that renting a truck is a cheaper option for you, but you need to consider other relevant factors such as stress and completion time. Similarly, you should consider the pros and cons of hiring a full-service moving company. When you are intended to save money, then truck rental will be the best option for you.