Let’s admit it – moving to a new house can be a significant disruption to your regular schedule. Not only that but organizing a household move will give a physical and emotional strain on your body and mind. As you work with your moving checklist, there’s no doubt that staying healthy is something you may have overlooked as days pass by. However, whatever you should do, being physically and emotionally in good shape during the move should be your top priority.

Here are the essential ways on how to stay healthy while relocating to a new home.

1. De-stress

It’s common knowledge that moving is extremely stressful. Fortunately, there are ways of keeping stress in check. With all the stress that comes with relocating, the best thing you can do is to take care of yourself and stay mentally healthy. To protect your well-being from emotional strain, follow the following de-stressing techniques:

  • Take a deep breath – Inhale and exhale deeply several times in a day. Deep breathing can be an excellent way to reduce your stress levels during a move.
  • Exercise – You’ll stay active throughout the relocation by practicing yoga, playing sports, running, and walking.
  • Take a break and treat yourself – Even if it’s a few minutes, be sure to take a break and pamper yourself for a while. Treating yourself can be in the form of getting a massage, taking a hot bath, and many more.

2. Eat healthy food

Eating healthy food during the relocation process can provide you with the energy level that you need. Moving, for instance, involves an energy-draining process, which is why you need to eat healthy to tackle physically demanding tasks successfully. Create a meal plan and make sure to stock up foods like lean meats, milk, hard-boiled eggs, fruits, and vegetables.

If you want to focus on preparing a healthy meal when moving to New York City or other places, hiring professionals can be an excellent idea. That’s because most full-service moving companies NYC can handle the entire process for you.

3. Stay properly hydrated

Aside from eating healthily, it’s also essential to drink sufficient glasses of water while moving. If you’re doing a summer move, your exposure to the excessive heat of the sun can dehydrate you, making your body weak. That said, keep yourself hydrated throughout the move. Also, avoid drinking carbonated drinks as they will only get you thirstier and may result in a drop in your energy levels. 

4. Get enough sleep

Again, moving is physically draining. It consumes so much of your energy during the move. To stay healthy, you need to get sufficient sleep to ensure successful pre-move preparation. Unfortunately, people who are moving last-minute prefer not to have a full eight-hour rest to complete the tasks. Although sacrificing sleep can allow you to finish more work, that lack of sleep can adversely affect your health. It’s, therefore, essential to sleep well, so you’ll be able to handle the workload healthily. By having enough sleep, you’ll not feel exhaustive and unproductive throughout the day.

5. Stay injury-free

If you’re making a DIY move, staying healthy and safe is essential. With several dangerous situations, make sure you’ll not get injured throughout the moving process. Use proper lifting techniques when carrying heavy household items. Assess the situation to know how you’re going to guarantee your health and safety during the relocation. In addition to lifting techniques, utilize the proper equipment to prevent injuries that may happen along the way. To make sure there are no obstacles in the pathway, check the paths to prevent yourself from slipping. Lastly, wear comfortable clothes to avoid accidents and ensure your health.

6. Ask help

Moving to a new home is something you shouldn’t do on your own. If you want to reduce your workload, asking help from others can keep yourself healthy during the move. For instance, you can ask your friends, relatives, or neighbors for some helping hands. If you don’t get their assistance, you can leave the job to experienced movers for a seamless move.


Ultimately, these are the things you need to do to stay healthy while moving to a new house. If you happen to relocate for the first time, you really have to think about the health and safety of all the persons involved. Hopefully, you find this article useful when it comes to keeping yourself healthy throughout the whole house move.