We are finally going back to work! After a year of working from home, offices are welcoming their employees back to the office. It will definitely take some adjusting for both office managers and employees to be around people and getting dressed in business casual outfits again. 

Some employees may also struggle to stay productive as they adjust to their old environment. Fortunately, office managers can use subtle tricks using the office’s design and function to increase productivity without employees even knowing it. 

Below are five things you can do in your office to increase your employees’ productivity.

1. Use Blue Colors

Colors elicit different emotions from people. Blue gives a calming effect and actually helps people retain focus on tasks at hand. So, incorporating blue colors throughout the office can help boost your employee’s productivity.

Whether you paint the walls blue, have blue computer chairs, or hang up wall art with a majority of blue hues, these little details could contribute to the overall productivity of your employees. 

2. Manage Noise Level

Working in a noisy environment can be very distracting. Employees may listen in on conversations without even realizing it, which is why many choose to bring headphones to work and create calming playlists. 

However, you can also help manage the noise level through the décor and layout of the office. Known as office acoustics, you can manipulate the noise throughout the office through several techniques such as hanging moss on the wall or using acoustic lighting sources. 

3. Adjust the Temperature

Try to think about a time when you were freezing and trying to concentrate on something. It was probably very difficult, right? All you can think about is how cold you are. 

The same goes for your employees when you keep the office’s temperature too cool. Usually, managers set the temperature between 65 and 68. However, research shows that people are more productive in warmer environments

4. Add Natural Elements

Biologically, humans were made to be out in nature, not sitting at an office desk under fluorescent lighting for a majority of their lives. While this is the way things are, you don’t have to deny your employees from natural elements. 

Add some plants to the office and photos of natural settings such as the sea, a waterfall, or the forest. Just these small changes can help boost productivity and give your office a better vibe. Plus, some plants purify the air, providing better air quality to your employees.

5. Keep the Energy with Refreshments and Snacks

Give your employees a chance to refuel and keep their productive energy going with snacks and refreshments. If you have the budget, offer a free daily snack and coffee or tea to your employees. 

Or provide a fridge and some cabinets in a kitchenette for your employees to keep their own refreshments and snacks. Taking small breaks to refuel during the day will keep productivity high, and your employees energized.