It is known that playing online casino games is fun, exciting, and thrilling, but not every online casino is made equal. When gambling online, you only want the best experience, best graphics, fair operators, and of course to win some money. And since the gambling industry is wast, you have to carefully choose your favorite online casinos, and here is a simple guide on how to find them. 


Every reputable online casino is licensed by independent or governmental authorities, and you should only aim for those. Gambling is a sensitive topic in many countries and you want to trust online casinos that follow the rules and laws of the government. There are several governmental and independent authorities out there, and you can easily look them up online. 

Even if you don’t know anything about such authorities, you can simply do a bit of research on the online casino site and see if they are displaying a license by an organization. The most reputable and strictest permissions organizations include the Malta Gambling Authority, UK Gambling Commission, or Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner. 

Look for User Experiences 

Online casinos usually don’t have dedicated sections for player comments, but those reputable probably have such sections on their sites and you should look for them. Also, you may find comments of complaints about various things, but that’s just the nature of the business. However, if there are too many complaints about confiscated funds, cashouts, and similar, make sure to steer clear of such places. What is more, you should do a fair share of research about reputable online casinos and how people feel about them, and don’t forget to check out the best guide to online casinos in America or any other country of your choice. 

Bonuses and Promotions

All online casinos will offer some kind of bonuses and promotions, especially for new players. That’s how they keep you playing, joining, and not going to their competitors. However, before your attention has been drawn by a juicy bonus, make sure to check out several bonuses of various online casinos. A welcome bonus, for example, should cater to your individual needs. Scroll through games and see if they have bonuses for the types of games you would like to play. 

Before signing up, you should familiarize yourself with bonuses, the conditions of bonus offers, and make sure wagering requirements, time limits, and game weightings match your style of play. Otherwise, mismatched bonus offers and your favorite games will bring little value to you. 

Game Selection

The selection of games, their quality, and variety can greatly help you determine the quality of an online casino. For example, there are casinos that offer games from only just one software developer. If the developer is reputable, you then know that the games featured on the site will have great graphics, that there will be many variants of the same game (roulette, blackjack, slots) and that there will be a great variety of many different games with excellent features. Others have gamified and freemium style casino games that will keep you entertained for hours.

There are also cases where online casinos hand-pick games from different providers. This is not a bad sign, it just means that the casino wants to provide the best quality on their site. So, when choosing games, make sure to check the developer (Microgaming and Playtech being the best ones).

The bottom line is that you should do your research, and do it well. There are hundreds of online casinos out there and not all of them are going to provide the best. Make sure to check user experiences, because those can show you the real truth about the casino. Also, don’t forget to check licenses and payout methods and rules!