Rediscover modern kitchen sinks in Malaysia. There is a Malaysian company that makes stunning bathroom and kitchen fixtures. In addition, this company continues to refine its fixtures’ function and design to add to their ease of use and functionality.  

Many everyday products around us have standardised designs that serve the functions they are designed for up to a point. But at some point in history, product designers working for certain manufacturers thought to themselves that they couldn’t improve on the product anymore. They thought they’d reached the pinnacle of the product’s design evolution for the price they could charge. 

They saw the product as a necessary item for everyone’s household, so they considered the lack of continued improvements as being a cost-saving bonus to the customer. After all, it was just a Malaysian kitchen sink. The fact that it was locally manufactured and a limited amount of design thinking had been put into it might appeal to the Malaysian customer concerned about costs above all else. 

This sort of thinking carried the manufacturer along for a while, and it appealed to a certain type of customer who ranked function way above form. But as homeowners and interior designers became more sophisticated over the years, this type of attitude by the manufacturer of Malaysian kitchen sinks and other household fixtures began to leave some potential customers dissatisfied and looking elsewhere for their fixtures until they found Lasio. 

Fresh and Modern Fixture Designs

Lasio is a Malaysian manufacturer of bathtubs, water closets, squatting pans, urinals, basins, kitchen sinks and assorted kitchen and bathroom accessories. The company is devoted to the idea that there is always room for improvement in its products. 

The kitchen sinks they sell in Malaysia are a great example of this melding of form and function. These stainless steel sinks look strangely more modern than the usual kitchen sinks in Malaysia. However, when you begin to take a closer look at them, you realise that they’ve done away with the gradually rounded edges that ate up counter space and represented a design standard that went back to the fifties. 

Lazio’s Malaysian kitchen sinks feature a no-nonsense square design that works well with modern kitchen decors. They are all handcrafted and are made of easy to clean and durable, high temperature-resistant steel that features anti-rust properties that will keep them looking new for generations.

Lasio devotes the same amount of attention to all their products as they have to their Malaysian kitchen sinks. They look at the functionality of the product as well as the visual appeal and try to achieve a design standard that supports both of these considerations. 

They have succeeded in giving Malaysians all over the country an option in choosing the fixtures that will enhance their décor instead of detracting from it. Explore all the kitchen and bathroom fixtures offered by Lasio and discover all the design possibilities to make your home an elegant showplace of taste and refinement.