One of the most interesting elements in design is color. Whether, the interior or the exterior, color is one of the major determinants of the aesthetic value of the structure and general appeal. When we favor a particular color, we tend to consciously and subconsciously surround ourselves with that color. Ask anyone what their favorite color is, and you will discover that either their clothes, their home décor, or even an accessory is in that particular color. One widely favored color in interior decorations is the color BLUE.

There is no space best suited for the color Blue like the bedroom, although it can be used anywhere else, the bedroom is best suited for the color because the bedroom is our safe place; a place where we can relax and let go, a space that projects serenity and tranquillity. Blue is a color that channels and connotes tranquillity, serenity, relaxation, and spaciousness, as it mirrors the serenity of the sea or the openness and vastness of the open sky.

Irrespective of whatever shade of blue you want to go for or favor, there are various blue bedroom décor ideas that will inspire you. Color has an impressive ability to influence one’s senses, perceptions, and emotions. Colors are symbolic and are often associated with culture, religion, and even experiences. In interior décor, Blue is perceived to be qualities like peace, serenity, and purity. When combined with other warmer-toned colors, it connotes confidence and serenity. In some cultures, blue is a sign of royalty, heaven, spirituality, and immortality. This has been adopted by many other cultures that give blue the same reverence.

Blue is one the best choice of colors for interior decorations, and this is because of its versatility and how easy it is to combine or mix with other colors. Many agencies and government bodies, apply navy and darker shades of blue to their apparel to convey professionalism and conservativeness.

 We have established that there is absolutely no room that will not look good in blue, especially when paired with other colors. The most important thing to note is which color to pair with and contrast blue. These are some blue mixed with other colors for bedroom décor inspiration.


When going for a serene look, blue paired with grey walls are the perfect combination for the bedroom. You can make use of blue-toned beddings, footstools made of grey organic fibers, and nature-inspired elements. Blue is a perfect contrast for grey walls, both colors match and mix well together.


As mentioned, blue reminds you of the sea, so it is the best color to use if you going for the beach cottage or house by the beach design style. Make use of softer shades of blue and combine them with neutral sand tones. For beddings, rugs, and other items use a lighter shade of blue.


It is easy to forget the most basic color contrast for blue is white, especially when pairing it with other colors. White and blue gives you a more traditional look.


Purple is related to blue just like green it is at the other side of the color wheel. To create a perfect contrast, you can pair a softer and paler tone of blue, with a vivid shade of orchid or purple.


When hanging wall art, you need to consider the color contrast, and the general composition in advance, as well as, forestall how it will look on the wall. There are different varieties of tones in the color blue which have been made into amazing wall arts that you easily choose from.

Color is one of the most essential aspects of interior décor, it is the foundation on which the design and style will be based. By incorporating artwork that features blue-colored images, you can Explore Elephant’s stock online art gallery for more blissful ideas.