More and more, you hear about the permanent benefits that dental implants provide. And if you have to constantly deal with partial plates, bridgework, or dental prosthetics, you may want to find out what a dental implant costs

But before you’re ready to pay the costs of a dental implant, it’s good to know what the implant procedure entails. The total cost of a dental implant covers two procedures about four to eight months apart. 

Dental Implant Procedure

Before your dentist can approve you as a suitable candidate for an implant, they have to examine the tooth to be removed or the gap to be filled and ensure that the surrounding teeth and gums are healthy. Once you’ve been given the okay, you can begin the procedure that will provide you with a permanent solution to missing teeth. 

Your dentist may elect to give you a bone graft to strengthen the supporting area of the implant. In this case, they will not choose to put in the implant until the bone graft has healed sufficiently.  

There are three parts to an implant, the titanium implant itself, the abutment, and the crown. The titanium implant resembles a screw, and that’s precisely how it’s used. The dentist first numbs your jaw tissue, then makes an incision that allows them to expose the jawbone. Once the insertion point for the implant is exposed, the dentist drills into the bone and screws the implant into the drilled hole.

At this point, the initial part of the procedure is done. The implant won’t cause you any discomfort after the area is healed. 

Abutment and Crown

Most people’s gums and jaws have healed well in four to eight months. The dentist may bring you in for a check-up four months after the initial procedure. Once they’ve determined your jaw and gums have healed, you’ll be scheduled for the second half of the procedure. 

If you’ve had a tooth removed to be filled by the dental implant, your dentist may have made a cast of the tooth and used it as a model for the crown. Before they can install the crown, the abutment is inserted into the exposed end of the implant. This serves as a piece that can be removed in case the crown is ever damaged or fractured.

The crown is modelled and coloured to match the surrounding teeth and then cemented onto the shaft of the abutment. At this point, you now have a flawless and permanent tooth. 

Dental Implant Costs

Dental implant costs vary according to the complexity of each case, but for the entire procedure, plan on spending between 5,000 to 10,000 Ringgit. The best part is that you can often divide the payments over the two procedures. 

But you’ll soon forget about the cost of dental implants the first time you see yourself smile in the mirror, or enjoy a meal without worrying about your bridgework moving around. Find out more about what dental implants can offer for a trouble-free dental future.