PDF readers were first designed to create, read, and write PDF files. However, today’s modern PDF readers offer much more than that. They provide many advanced features ranging from advanced security to drawing and writing facilities.

Plus, what you can do also depends on which software you use. This is why it is important to be careful about the tool you choose. You can even use a PDF converter online if you do not want to install software. 

Modern PDF readers come with many advanced and latest features to facilitate users. While there are some free tools, they typically come with limited options. You must buy the paid version to get all the options. 

Free trial versions often offer limited features and some also come with an expiry date. However, these free versions are a great way to judge and choose the best PDF reader. Invest some time in research and choose a quality PDF reader like Soda PDF. This article will help you make the right decision.

Here are some advanced and premium functionalities that you should always consider before choosing a PDF reader. 

#1 Merging multiple files

Some PDF readers like Adobe Reader and Soda PDF provides the facility to merge multiple files. 

This feature comes handy when two or more team members are working on the same project. In the end, all the files can be joined into one file without any trouble. However, in some cases, this feature may only be limited to two files.

#2 Drawing and writing feature 

If you are looking for a quick way to take digital notes during your lectures or meetings then PDF readers can be a great help. This feature is equally helpful for business people, employees, students or artists. 

It enables the users to take notes and even draw diagrams.

#3 Advanced Security

Data confidentiality and security is an important aspect of every business or work. PDF readers help to implement advanced security and provide multiple security options to users.

Some of the most popular options include password protection and access control. This way you can stop unauthorized access. Even if someone hacks into your computer or get physical access to the file, the person will not be able to open the file and view or use data without the right password.

Similarly, the ability to choose who can view, edit, or share content is also a great plus. 

#4  Picture Resize

PDF readers allow you to use images without any trouble. This is a major concern because images typically lose their quality when you place them on files using typical software. Such issues are not prevalent when it comes to PDF readers.

You can use photos without worrying about file size or quality. Users will even be able to zoom in and out of photos without losing quality. This is a great feature and one of the main reasons why PDF files are so heavily used in different industries.