According to a survey conducted by the World Bank, Australia was ranked as the 18th best country in the world to start a business in. Given that there were 190 other countries in the survey, that’s quite an impressive result. The Australian corporate and government structure encourages entrepreneurship naturally, which has opened up multiple doors to both expatriates and locals alike.

Australia Harbors a Gender-Equal Work Culture

It is good news for female expatriates in particular as Australia has been rated globally to be among the most gender-neutral nations in the world as far as work culture is concerned. Multiple women in high positions within the country’s top corporate houses are symbolic of that fact.

Communication Takes Precedence in the Country Over Diplomacy

Irrespective of whether someone is a local or an expat, co-workers will often be direct with their communication and will expect the same from everyone else as well. Diplomacy takes a backseat here, which is always good to hear since free communication is an essential part of a business that flows and operates smoothly across all its various, moving parts.

Socialisation and Mingling with Associates is Considered Healthy

The Australian corporate environment encourages free mingling among associates and colleagues outside the office, irrespective of their ranks within the organisation. The culture believes in creating efficient teams by eliminating status gaps – and the communication gaps which result from them.

Australia has a Thriving Economy, Ideal for New Business Growth

Now, before we get into discussing the ideas themselves, it needs to be understood that Australia has a primarily service-based economy, as it constitutes about 68% of the country’s GDP. Mining and agriculture jointly take up the second spot by contributing about 12% to the GDP. It is in light of these facts that the following are most likely to be successful entrepreneurial ventures in Australia, although not the only ones.

Laundry and Cleaning

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the business of cleaning clothes is big in the country, given that it is part of that service sector which constitutes a huge majority of the nation’s GDP.

It’s not just the laundry business only, but the entire cleaning and washing sector is thriving in major Australian cities such as Melbourne and Sydney. 


Getting into mining requires significant investment, which is a barrier for a lot of entrepreneurs who are only just starting out but getting into agriculture is a much more affordable venue to explore, in spite of it being just as lucrative as mining, if not more so.

Those that have farming experience will find that Australia has a booming economy in agriculture, and the government welcomes new ventures in the sector. A lot of companies are offering workshops to those who wants to start in this field. It is also suggested to find a good farm co op where you can get good supply of things you need for farming.

Additionally, to facilitate easy communication between direct consumers or markets and the farming business, a mobile application would be wise. 

Healthcare and Assistance

In a report published by the Labour Market Information Portal (LMIP), projected growth shows healthcare and social assistance to lead the list of industries that are the most likely to see huge growth in the coming years.

Those that have experience in either should consider starting a business of their own, or maybe invest in a joint start-up venture. Location is key here, so some research on the demographics of the city is definitely advised.

Retail Business of Any Kind

Although service is currently a dominating sector, retail is expected to grow huge by the end of 2022, according to the same LMIP report discussed earlier. As expected, e-commerce will play the most significant role in seeing that growth to its maximum potential in the coming years. Those that plan to get into the retail business directly or indirectly should look at e-commerce rather than offline retail. As the e-commerce sector is largely dominated by smartphone apps nowadays, with all indications showing app-reliance for retail consumers to only increase, investing in retail app development comes highly recommended.

Appetiser is a premier name in mobile app development Australia, but the developers have actually worked with both small and giant MNCs across the globe. If they can devise mobile apps for the likes of Samsung, Lego, and The Salvation Army, Appetiser should be able to develop the necessary applications for any new ventures in the country with precision and speed. Their fame and experience with the Australian and global market land any app they develop higher up on the app lists in both the Play Store and the App Store, ensuring instant publicity and marketing for the business the application serves.

Australians do not make too many discriminations between their expatriates and their citizens in their business dealings, which is part of the reason why the country is so business-friendly in the first place. If you have an idea, Australia probably has the ideal infrastructure to give it shape.