For many of us, cardio is necessary to stay in shape or keep the ice cream from catching up to us. It’s effective, but doing the same exercise all the time can be boring and unmotivating. But there’s no need to stick to just one exercise when there are so many at your disposal. So aside from getting up off the couch and moving to the fridge, what are some after forms of cardio to burn fat?

Jogging and Walking

The most accessible form of cardio is jogging. You can do it practically anywhere: Around the park, at the gym, on a treadmill, or even to a fast-food restaurant if you feel like ruining all your progress. No equipment is required, but treadmills are optional for the colder months of the year. If you’re not a runner or need to build your endurance up, start by walking. This is more leisurely but still makes a dent in your calories and lets you dip your toe in the water. And speaking of water…


Cardio doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be fun! When the sun’s shining and the heat is beating you down, take a dive into your local pool to cool off and get some exercise at the same time. Swimming is one of the best forms of cardio because it utilizes many muscles at once. You’ll soon feel a burn in your legs, arms, shoulders, and maybe even tighten your core. Grab your floaties and get fit as a fish!


Getting back into cardio is like riding a bike. Literally! Cycling is an excellent way to shed some extra fat, plus you can do some sightseeing at the same time. If you go to the gym, there are also cycling machines like spin bikes to try – find the best spin bike here, and you can read, watch something on your phone, or listen to music at the same time. Brush the dust off your old bicycle and get to peddling!


Who doesn’t like games? Sports are perfect for burning calories; athletes do it all the time! If you like basketball, football, baseball, frisbee, or any other outdoor activity, that’s great. These are amazing ways to drop calories fast. You gotta get sweaty to get fit.

Ending Thoughts

Hopefully, these exercises will motivate you to get active and live a healthier lifestyle, but if they still don’t sound like your cup of tea, there are plenty of other forms of cardio. You can jump rope, do jumping jacks, sprint short distances with some rocking music, do stair climbers at the gym or wherever stairs are available to you, or anything else you can think of to get the blood pumping. Just be sure your shoes are comfortable, as wearing a tight pair of shoes can give you red lumps on your feet called bunions. If you have bunions, visit for help curing them. What are you waiting for? Get to moving! As long as you’re getting some physical activity and enjoying what your doing, that’s all the matters.