Setting fitness goals for yourself is something many people do. It can act as motivation, help you to create a blueprint or a workout plan, and ensure you’re on track to be as physically fit as possible. And while there are many ways you can go about achieving your goals, for many there is that desire to reach them naturally. And it’s not usually as simple as just achieving your goals – you can do so within a set timeline, making it happen as fast as possible.

So, if you’re ready to set some serious and ambitious fitness goals for yourself, here are seven natural ways you can reach those goals faster.

Are You Being Consistent?

The first tip is to be honest with yourself when it comes to consistency. Are you truly being consistent with your efforts at least four to five days a week? Sporadic workouts and inconsistent efforts may bring about a few quick results but they won’t get you to the finish line and they certainly won’t speed the process up.

The problem is that it can be tough to set fitness goals and then stick with them. Life happens, things come up, and it’s too easy to be derailed. It takes real focus and motivation to stay on track. 

If you’re struggling with consistency, it’s wise to create a workout schedule. Keep in mind it can be flexible in that you can work out at different times each day, it can include different types of activities and the length of time you work out, and it’s not necessary to work out seven days a week. Having some sort of schedule that you commit to will help you to make your fitness efforts a habit and ensure you’re on track to meet your goals quickly.

Try Mixing Up the Intensity

Another great tip is to play around with the intensity of your workout. You still want to stay on your schedule but you can change up just how intense of a workout you have. Even within each workout, you can switch up the intensity. This is called HIIT training or workouts. 

HITT training alternates short fast bursts of intense workouts with less intense activities. The result is that you can keep your metabolism going at a high rate for a longer period, you can then burn more calories in a shorter period, and it can help those looking to achieve fat loss. If you’ve never tried it before it can be well worth looking into and integrating into your rotation.

Focus on Ingredients and Supplements That Can Help

Healthy eating should also go further than just choosing healthy products. Everyone knows that a healthy diet is necessary to meet your fitness goals but then there are extra steps you can take such as focusing on the individual ingredients and looking into supplements. Supplements like Gundry MD Bio Complete 3 can offer some fabulous benefits and make up for those areas you may be lacking through diet alone.

Take a look at ioBCAA as an ingredient that can help you to meet your goals faster. BCAA stands for branch chain amino acids and the “io” stands for ingredient optimized, which makes it more bioavailable. Breaking this process down further, what it does is change the molecular structure of the various ingredients in a protein. It can provide a person with better results and faster results for that reason. 

You can find ioBCAA through Plasma Nutrition, which was named startup of the Year back in 2019 at the NutraIngredients USA Awards. This is a company that is doing some really interesting stuff with unique products all designed to help you naturally meet your fitness goals. Its ioBCAA has a neutral taste, can be found in various forms (capsule, powder, or beverages), and doesn’t feature any 3rd party ingredients, which means you’re getting a clean product.

As for other supplements that can help, it comes down to personal goals, your current fitness level and health, and your diet. Besides amino acids, you can also focus on protein powder and even caffeine, within moderation, as a way to boost your energy level and help you get through those intense workouts.

The latest health trend is medicinal (non-psychotropic) mushrooms such as reishi, lions mane, etc. They come in a variety of ways and give you the mental boost you’re looking for to power through your workouts. Check out wholesale mushrooms to find the best deals.

A Healthy Diet Is Essential

And speaking of ingredients, it’s incredibly important to focus on eating a healthy diet. Notice the tip doesn’t recommend you diet. Rather, you make healthy choices. Sticking to the recommended daily calorie intake and picking foods that are filled with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals should be the main focus of your diet.

A few simple nutrition tips you can use are:

  • Skip the processed foods filled with ingredients that won’t help you
  • Don’t over-eat
  • Remember that beverages count as your calorie and nutrition intake for the day
  • Boost your water intake as it will keep you hydrated and feeling fuller, which means you’re less likely to grab snacks
  • Choose fresh ingredients whenever possible
  • Choose powerhouse foods like fruit, seeds, nuts, and leafy greens – all of which pack a punch of nutrition
  • Pick foods that make you feel fuller for longer so you aren’t constantly snacking

A healthy diet is quite basic and easy to create, the toughest part will be sticking with it. Even once you meet your fitness goals it still makes sense to follow a healthy diet plan.

Are You Allowing for Recovery Time?

Sure there is a lot of emphasis on tweaking your style of training, the exercises you do, and your nutrition, but what about recovery time? Did you know adequate recovery time is also needed for your goals to be achieved? What’s sometimes a little-known fact is that by allowing your muscles to fully recover, they will end up showing better results.

You can help to speed up your recovery time by getting fresh air, taking a hot shower or bath after an intense workout, make sure you are stretching after your workout, getting a massage, or using something like a foam roller to help ensure that your muscles are fully stretched. It’s also important you take a couple of days off each week. You can still be active those days off but choose something like a relaxing walk or other low-impact activities.

You Want to Build Muscle

For many, there is a focus on losing weight and not much else. Keep in mind that one of the best ways to get fit and change the appearance of your body is to gain muscle. This will help you to trim down on your fat and look your absolute best. If you don’t want to get too bulky then look for ways to build lean muscle. Experts suggest rather than weightlifting you focus on things like medicine balls and resistance bands.

There Is Fun to Be Had

And while your fitness goals may seem like work there are ways you can have fun with them. This will help to keep you motivated, on track, and keep things interesting.

Reaching Your Goals Faster than You May Have Thought

By using these tips, you’ll be able to reach your fitness goals faster than you may have thought, and you may need to reassess and set some more difficult challenges to aim for.