GPS trackers are great devices that can keep you or your loved ones safe, especially if they are not with you or if you lose sight of them. If you do not want to use it on an actual person, you can attach it to a car or a vehicle of any other kind, especially if it is at risk of being stolen. They are even great for travel’s sake as you can use them to get to your destination without wasting the battery on your smart device. No matter your use for a tracker, you can find five of the best for 2021 in the list below.

1. Liveview GPS Tracker

The Liveview GPS tracker is perfect for your personal property, your vehicle, and even your loved ones as it has some of the newest technology available. You can receive updates on the location of your loved one or your property as frequently as every 10 seconds. The battery on the device will stay alive for as long as two months if it is only on for an hour a day, but in total, it lasts 75 motion hours. The GPS will even utilize location services when you or your personal property is in a remote location so it does not matter if there is service on your smart device or not.

2. Matrack Tracker

The Matrack tracker provides you updates of whereabouts in real-time. IT works in a super discreet manner, and any update you do receive is so accurate on both the timing and the location. The device is only two inches in length, making it unnoticeable in any bag or inside of any vehicle that you have. There is an SOS button included if someone with the tracker is endangered and needs your help or the help of emergency services as soon as possible.

3. Amcrest Tracker

Amcrest GPS trackers have batteries that last as long as 15 days, and you can set the limits on speed and geolocation. Easily share the location straight from your tracker to their smart devices if you have to check in every few minutes with your loved ones. There are a multitude of power options available if your tracker does die so that you can charge it on a USB port, an HDMI port, or an A/V port. This device does work regardless of the remote location you may be in too so that people can find you as soon as possible.

4. Trak-4 Trackers

The Trak-4 tracker is best for helping you always know where your personal belongings are. The device does rely on signals from 2G and 3G transmitters in order to provide a location as to where you or your belongings are. Set up invisible fences for your belongings so that if they go over the line they are in, you can receive an alert to your smart device or email. This gives you accurate and fast information about any whereabouts you need, but the information is only available in North America.

5. Logistimatics Mobile-200 Tracker

The Logistimatics GPS tracker only needs to be charged once every couple of weeks. This device can literally track anything or anyone, and it is so easy to use; allowing you to check the whereabouts from a web browser or from a smart device app. You will receive location updates every 30 seconds so that you are frequently aware of where something or someone is when actively looking. Plus, you automatically get alerts when someone or something leaves an area that you predetermined unexpectedly, allowing you to start tracking almost immediately.

Final Thoughts

GPS trackers are some of the best devices now available to help you always know the whereabouts of your loved ones and your belongings. There are many available on the market for you to use even now, some of which have more capabilities than others. Look for one with longer battery life, a better location-sensor, more frequent alerts, and even compatibility with smart devices to have the highest level of safety possible. These devices can then provide ease to your mind so that you do not have to worry about finding your lost possession or loved ones again.