The University of Victoria is home to international students coming from over 100 countries for studies. The university offers various UG, PG and doctorate level programs. With the hectic study schedule, students usually compromise with their extra-curricular skills and they start living a monotonous life which ultimately affects their studies also. 

In this article, we will be giving some quick ideas to plan your weekends while studying at the University of Victoria. There are a lot of things and places to explore on and off-campus for the students belonging to the international community. There are several tourist attractions in British Columbia, Canada. You can go out with your friends and explore the pretty places in this region on weekends.

Explore Finnerty Gardens

Finnerty Garden is located at the university only. It is considered as one of the university’s hidden treasures. In every season, you will find something or the other in bloom in these gardens. It is also a quiet place where you can go and sit and find solace amid nature. It is also a picturesque place, and you will surely click some good pictures over there. The gardens are the most spectacular in the spring season when rhododendrons are blooming. It is a place of joy with amazing visual experience throughout the year.

Go for Fresh Air Tours

Another thing that you can do is go on a Fresh Air Tour with your friends. Fresh Air Tours are private sightseeing tours of Victoria. The groups can be of 1 to 13 people. The tours can be customised according to your group’s preferences, and pickups can be a cruise ship terminal, Seaplane, Victoria hotels, Victoria Airport, Seattle/Victoria Clipper, Coho Ferry, Washington ferries and BC.

Visit Mount Tolmie Park

Another place to visit is Mount Tolmie Park. The park overlooks the Shelbourne Valley. From here, you can see the 360- degree view of the city and the Olympic Mountains. You can either drive to the top or drive halfway and hike the rest of the distance. You can get a spectacular view of the city, sea and mountains from the top. The view also extends to the snow-capped Cascade mountains of the Washington State.

Go for a Food Hunt 

For the foodies out there, the best thing to do is take a Taste of Victoria Food Tours. This is a gourmet walking tour where you can eat and drink your way through the tour. It goes on from the Victoria Public Market to Parliament Buildings. You can make stops to taste craft beer, cheese, tea, chocolate, and various other local treats. It is a 2 hour long guided tour through Chinatown, the Inner Harbour of beautiful Victoria, Old Town, B.C., Canada. There are 6- 8 food tastings throughout the journey. This is also a great way to learn about the history of the city as the tour combines the local food with the local history of the place.

Stop for Book Wanderers

If you are fond of books, then the place of your interest can be Russell Books located at 734, Fort St, Victoria. It offers the largest selection of sued books in Canada. The place is filled with books from floor to ceiling. You can also avail great deals on all the books ranging from vintage books to present-day bestsellers.

Other places to visit include Christ Church Cathedral and British Columbia Parliament Buildings among others. The British Columbia Parliament Buildings are open on weekends only from the third weekend in May to the 1st weekend in September. But it is open on weekdays throughout the year. Scheduled guided tours are also offered here, and one can also take self- guided tour booklets.

Another place is Abkhazi Garden which was created by the Georgian Prince and Princess Abkhazi. This garden features Garry Oaks, rhododendrons and Japanese Maples and is pleasant to look at.

You can go to any of the numbers of eateries, clubs and hangout places located in the vicinity of the university. One of the clubs owned by the Student Union is Felicitas, known for its cheap food as compared to other places in the region. It has decent food, price and service as well. It can be explored along with friends on any day.