Bingo calls can include rhymes and funny names. This method of calling numbers was first introduced to make it easier for players to hear which numbers are being drawn in busy bingo halls. It is still popular nowadays and it makes the game even more fun. Some bingo nicknames have interesting meanings to them – visit and join

If you’re wondering what bingo nicknames are and what they mean, here you can find the answer.

What are bingo calls?

There are 90 numbers on the bingo board. When there are many people in a big bingo hall some numbers might sounds the same to those sitting far away. Bingo nicknames serve to make it easier for players to tell which number the caller is announcing.

Examples of bingo nicknames

Below you can have a look at a few catchy bingo nicknames. There are a few categories the nicknames belong to.

1. Rhyme

Most of the bingo nicknames rhyme with the number they are announcing. The rhymes make the nicknames more memorable and entertaining. For example:

• 41 – Time for Fun

• 54 – Clean the Floor

• 63 – Tickle Me

• 67 – Made in Heaven

2. Shape

Some nicknames describe what the number looks like. When players hear the call, they know immediately know which number it is because, based on the description, they can picture it in their heads. That includes:

• 2 – One little duck

• 11 – Legs eleven

• 22 – two little ducks

• 88 – two fat ladies

3. Cultural references

When looking at British bingo nicknames players can notice multiple cultural references. They might not always be known to foreign players but everyone who is based in the UK will know what the call refers to. For example:

• 83 – Time for Tea – drinking tea is a popular custom in the UK

• 42 – Winnie the Pooh – the honey-loving bear is known to everyone

• 52 – Danny La Rue – this nickname refers to an Irish pop singer

4. Self-explanatory

Some nicknames are very simple to understand and make a lot of sense to everyone. For example:

• 7 – Lucky Seven

• 16 – Sweet Sixteen

• 65 – Old Age Pension

5. Historic references

Some nicknames are based on historical events that might not be obvious to all players. For instance:

• 9 – Doctor’s Orders – this nickname refers to tablets that soldiers had to take during the World War II

• 77 – Sunset Strip – the name is based on the old TV show


These are just a few examples of the funny bingo calls, but all of them add meaning to the game and make it more entertaining. Bingo might be an easy game to play but it is very interesting. No matter the category the nicknames belong to, they are not easy to forget. Nicknames make the game more accessible and easier to follow even in the busiest venues. They are one of the reasons why bingo games are loved by players around the world.