In today’s market, customer experience is considered the business benchmark. Experts suggest that companies should be aiming for a customer satisfaction rate of 86%, as they highlight the importance of customer experience for a business.

Numerous businesses struggle on how to improve the customer experience for their company, especially as it is rapidly becoming one of the primary differentiators for your brand. If you are looking for ways to help your business stand out amongst competitors, improving customer experience should be at the top of the list.

Customer experience is not to be confused with customer service. Customer service is one aspect of customer experience. For instance, if you call about your order and the person you are speaking to is helpful and friendly providing you will all the information you wanted and more, that is great customer service. However, if your order arrived early and included a small gift as a thank you for placing an order with the business, then that is a great customer experience. Here are a few ways to help improve the customer experience for your business.

Impress With The Packaging

It is not just a great product that impresses a customer, it is excellent packaging. In recent years, many businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of their packaging for products. The packaging is the first thing the customer notices about a product, regardless of whether it was purchased online or in-store.

Over recent years, the importance of packaging has increased dramatically, due to the rise in people sharing their ‘unboxing’ and ‘gift opening’ experiences across their social media platforms. This rapidly rising trend is highlighting to businesses what a tremendously powerful marketing tool packaging can be.

Many business owners often overlook packaging, failing to recognize the significant difference it could make to their company. Instead, they choose to go with the fastest and cheapest solution.

Packaging is a worthwhile investment for any business. Being able to design the look of the box, bag or even tub can make a difference.

A step further is being able to design the packaging machine that boxes your products up. Luckily, there are packaging machine manufacturers, such as BluePrint Automation, that will offer advice on b2b industrial packaging and will work closely with you to create a machine that matches your packaging needs.

Turn New Shoppers To Loyal Customers

Providing a delightful experience that impresses a consumer, ensures they will return to your business in the future. However, creating an exceptional experience is a valued and unique asset for any business, in any industry.

By delivering prompt service, it can boost customer satisfaction and encourages them to return to your business. With an increase in the customer experience, customer support issues are significantly reduced. Happy, satisfied customers choose to shop with a brand for years if they have only ever experienced exceptional customer service with them.

Turning A Negative Into A Positive

One of the main things that can have a massive impact on a brand’s reputation is how they respond to complaints. A key ingredient for developing brand loyalty is excellent customer service, such as how your business responds to unsatisfied clients. It may seem small, but it will determine what they say or write about you online afterwards.The most effective way to handle negative feedback is to respond politely, assuring them that you are working tirelessly to find a solution to resolve their issue. One of the most effective ways to handle negative feedback is to respond politely, assuring them that you are working tirelessly to find a solution to resolve their issue. Ensuring that you make your customer feel heard and are being cared for, will pay off in the long run. For example, it is reported that 95% of unhappy customers are willing to return to a business if their issue was resolved quickly and efficiently.