Move over Tesla…Nikola Motor Company has been making big strides since being founded just five years ago in 2015.

We all have heard about people ranting and raving over their electric cars.


But how about hydrogen-electric vehicles? There are a few companies out there like Tesla and Freightliner that are working on electric-powered semi-trucks, but Nikola Motors is the only one using hydrogen-powered technology.

Let’s get down to business and take a brief look at the important components that have led to Nikola’s short success.

The History of Nikola Motors

Nikola Motors is based in Phoenix, Arizona and designs and manufactures no-emission big rigs using hydrogen fuel cell technology.

You may have not seen many of these trucks on the road just yet. That is because it is much harder to find hydrogen fueling stations, especially compared to the number of electric vehicle charging stations that keep popping up. So, why choose Nikola’s semis over electric semis?

Efficiency of course!


For one, it takes much less time to fill up a tank than it does to charge a large vehicle electric battery. And in fact, the larger the truck, the larger the battery needed, making the truck heavier and actually less efficient in the end.

New Headquarters

Just last summer, Nikola Motors announced they would be expanding with a $75 million headquarters in the heart of Phoenix.

The 3-story, 200,000 square-foot building is dedicated to their research and development. It is used to brainstorm new vehicle designs and test new features on their hydrogen-electric vehicles. 

The headquarters is equipped with industrial-grade 3D printers, milling machines, and a laser metal cutting machine.

It is also home to a hydrogen-fueling station, making it the largest one in the country.

Nikola hopes to keep the momentum going by building around 700 new hydrogen-fueling stations across the United States and Canada in the next 10 years.

Notable Achievements

In 2018, Nikola teamed up with Anheuser-Busch, selling them hundreds of hydrogen-fuel semi-trucks.

Recently, they just announced a huge merger deal with VectolQ, making Nikola Motors a publicly traded company, receiving $525 million in new investment. And it happens to be the first zero-emission big rig company to do so.

The deal should officially close sometime during the 2nd quarter and their NASDAQ exchange name will be NKLA.

The Future of Nikola Motors

There seems to be no signs of Nikola Motors slowing down. The company has plenty of new designs in the works including an electric personal watercraft and a 4-wheeled electric off-road vehicle.

Nikola Motors recently announced their new pickup trucker, the Badger. The truck uses hydrogen fuel cell technology combined with lithium-ion battery technology and is expected to enter production in 2022. The company boasts that the truck is expected to travel a range of 600 miles on just one tank and charge.

From the start, Nikola has strived to transform the transportation industry and leave the world a better place. In just five years, they are already making their mark on the transportation industry and the entire world.

All photos courtesy of Nikola Motor Company