You might have not planned to move your business yet a couple of months ago. But unless this pandemic dies out in the nearest future you would more and more often consider this option to, say, minimize your rental fees or to find a better location for your business to open up fresh and sound once the lockdown is over. In any case, first look through your moving options at

What are your options

Basically, there are two big options you are facing: you either store your office equipment in a rented PODS container. That is a less expensive and a very safe way to keep everything secure for the time of the lockdown. Of course, in that case, you won’t be able to run your business at any extend. If you still want to operate at the market you need to consider a more affordable office that will let you cut your expenses without unwanted reductions. If you opt for that you’ll have to turn most of your staff to work from home. That type of digital office will help you to cut a big chunk of expenses down.

How to plan you move

Unfortunately, the time and lockdown circumstances cut you very close and don’t leave you much planning time so you’ll most definitely have to keep up with the Last-Minute-Moving-Plan. Even on the short notice, they provide high-quality services some of which can be done online which saves you time, money, and unwanted contacts. It would not be a good idea to plan and do your move on your own because of the dangers of the virus. Try not to expose yourself when it is not necessary. Use new boxes and packing materials for the used ones might not have been accurately protected from the virus. Make sure you provide your movers with access to running water on request.

Here is some good news

We are at the beginning of the high moving season now. So, normally your moving plan would have cost you up to 30% higher than, say, in autumn. But with the lockdown, the moving demand have fallen dramatically. Ask for a discount or any other extra services from your moving company.

In good times or bad times

No matter if your move has been thoroughly planned for 5-6 weeks ahead and scheduled way before this whole pandemic situation started or you just had no other option but to move your business, you still need to think of safety first. Use the services of the licensed moving companies only to avoid scam. Research their insurance plan and the amendments in it connected with the COVID-19 outbreak. File part of your moving paperwork online. You can apply for your free quote at Make sure your office equipment stays safe till you need it again at the new home office of your business. Things are changing all the time so you have to be flexible and move on.