Understanding How To Read A Review

It may seem like a little bit of an obvious notion, but you’d be surprised how commonly reviews are misrepresented on many platforms – from fake reviews to those which don’t really address the point, but if you’re looking to make an important purchase or trying to be prudent with choices you make, it may be important to learn how to read reviews correctly and how to differentiate those that aren’t worth your time.

Paid, fake, and genuine reviews – This is perhaps the most important distinction to make, typically paid reviews can be extremely obvious by either showing far too much or specific information, or simply not enough. Whilst each case is unique and may not always be true depending on what you’re buying, after you read through a number of reviews it starts to become clear which reviews aren’t genuine – a good tip is to ignore both the five star and one star reviews, and filter for those rated between two and four. You may be more likely to get a real representation of the product if you find the middle ground and ignore the high and low end of the spectrum. It may take a little time to weed out the valuable, but investing a little time can save a lot in the long run.

Different sourcing – Another great option if your product is available in multiple places is to check around different sites to gather up a number of different reviews, if you see a review appear that seems the same or even identical each time, this could mean some of the reviews aren’t so genuine but will also help you find different point of views from different audiences – for example those who review on a big listing site such as Amazon may be more of a casual shopper, whilst those found on a specific site may be more of an enthusiast audience – getting different opinions from different crowds will help determine differences.

Look for depth – An in depth review will always be more valuable than just a couple of words, this is becoming clear for services that rely on trust more than anything – this has been found recently in mobile gaming in particular, the introduction of an initiative called Gamstop has left many UK players unable to participate on those sites, leading them to seek other options on sites registered outside of gamstop, there are many examples of this as crazyno is a well reviewed casino with many in depth reviews stating pros and cons along with what can be expected. 

With so many different sites and services popping up all over for many different reasons from shopping to gaming, the waters are muddying between them. Learning to differentiate the genuine and good services will make all the difference, and perhaps save you a lot of time and even money in the long run, whilst also introducing you to methods for identifying what opinion is genuine, and what may not be.

Feature Image from seller-tools.com