Dental offices that still rely on old-fashioned payment processing systems are missing out on the customizable functionality and features of late-model point of sale interfaces with omnichannel support. The new Clover station is a full-service desk or countertop display that unites payment processing with access to precise account data and patient information management. If your current systems are falling behind the curve in one or more of these areas, you may want to upgrade to Clover or another new POS system. Here are three signs your practice stands to benefit from a POS system upgrade.

Your Practice Only Accepts Certain Types of Payment

Inability to accept a full range of preferred payment types is a major indication that it’s time to upgrade the dental POS system at your practice. Today, customers expect to be able to pay for goods and services using methods such as cards with magnetic stripes or chips and a growing number of near-field communication payment types. If you are not able to accept payments in person or online through these methods, it may be more difficult to treat some patients or set up payment plans for procedures. Out-of-date payment processing methods may translate to fewer new patients and lower retention rates over time.

Your POS Hardware and Software Are Out of Date

In addition to the limitations of only being able to accept certain types of payment, outdated POS systems can also expose sensitive patient information. The latest POS systems come payment ready and are integrated with credit card processing services. Clover and other brands meet the highest payment security standards set by the EMV and PCI PTS. A new system can help to prevent hacks or other unauthorized access and help patients feel confident that their information is good hands at your practice.

Your Practice Depends on Several Operational Systems

If you have worked in dentistry for years, you have probably used several different types of operational systems. From appointment booking to billing and patient information management, the right POS system may help to narrow down the number of programs and services you rely on today to deliver the highest quality of dental care. It may be possible to seamlessly update patient records when appointments are booked or even retain billing and insurance information in the same secure system to facilitate payment. The latest generation of POS systems are secure, multi-functional and easy to learn to use. A receptionist may find it useful to be able to access more information related to patient records when managing appointments or issuing notifications.

Patients, receptionists and dental professionals can all benefit from the features of an upgraded POS system. You may also find that a robust, multi-use build is capable of providing direct access to needed information by eliminating redundant services or software, from appointment booking to payment processing and patient relationship management. A merchant services expert can suggest which core POS system is right for your dental office as well as the best software build for simplifying access to a full range of new features and functions.