If you want to trade properly, you need to choose a broker. Choosing a Forex broker is not an easy task and there are a few important issues to consider before making your decision. Moreover, you need to know what types of facilities they can provide you for your trading. Different types of brokers provide different types of opportunities. Above all, you have to choose what is suitable for you. For instance, ATFX can be used by traders from all over the world and is, therefore, a popular option – you can learn more about ATFX by taking a look at ATFX Erfahrungen (reviews) online. For now though, here are some tips you need to apply when choosing a broker.


You need to evaluate the implementation of the broker.  For example, how quick is the broker’s order execution, are they offering any instinctive execution, and so on. One thing you need to find that are they trading in opposition to their client. Remember that your broker will make your trading smooth. This will not create any difficulties for you. So before choosing a broker, make sure that they have a better experience in your field where you trade.

Trading Platforms

This is the place of the buying and selling process. A good trading platform you good financial and technical tools that are essential for trading. This will represent you the live price. The broker will provide you the trading platform. When you will make a chart, you have to use technical tools. When you are trading in a higher or lower frequency, indicators are necessary for you. You can use RSI, Stochastic, moving average, and so on. So, this is required for you to find out what type of the trading platform can be provided by your broker. When you are trading futures online, make sure you have the perfect platform like SaxoTraderPro. The low end trading platform can ruin your performance in no time.


Find out that your broker can add value to your trade. The information which is provided by them is up to date.  An efficient broker will facilitate you by giving the latest information, latest tools, software, and website patterns. This will help you to make a practical decision.  If you see that the broker is not giving you information properly, then, choose another one. Give trial to your broker, before choosing it in the real field.


You can face any kind of difficulties, at any time. So, you need to contact your broker. Before choosing a broker, make sure that this can support you all the time.  You need to find out, how fast they respond to your queries.


Leverage can help you to make good profits as well as a great risk. Leverage means the ration between your original deposit and the availability of deposit to trade. Such as if the ratio is 100: 1, that means the broker will give you a loan $100 for each $1 of your original security.  If you want to do a short trade, you need a minimum $1000. Leverage is crucial for trading to do more trade. So, find out the leverage of your broker. Many brokers allow you to take the right leverage.

Fixed Spread 

Spread is the difference between the bid price and the ask price.  This is calculated in pips. This can be varied according the situation. When the market is noiseless, you will see that the spread is small. When the market is busy, the spread becomes high. So, try to choose a broker, which has a fixed spread. 


Before choosing a broker, you can ask others to know about the facilities provided by a particular broker. The experienced traders in Singapore can help you to select a good one. You can do a research. Observe what others choose for them. Set your requirements, then analyze these. After that select a broker.

If you want to be a professional trader, firstly you have to choose an appropriate broker for you. You can do it through your demo account. It will help you to understand which broker is good for you.