The Big Apple is a great place for a city break in the US – whether you’re on the East coast, West coast, in Canada or even parts of Europe. It’s the setting for some of our favorite movies and programs and is a beautiful place to visit in all seasons. So, of course, many of us will want to try out our photography skills and knowledge to document the trip.

But where are the best destinations in New York for these photographic opportunities? The good news is that there are so many options for you to try, you may need to book a return visit! Here are just a few of our top suggestions:

The Statue of Liberty

This is an iconic symbol of American life, and this copper statue was a gift to the United States from France. You’ll need to get the ferry to Ellis Island if you want to get a close-up view, and there are different forms of access to the statue. However, you’ll want to take photos from the ferry to get the best images.

Rockefeller Center

A popular place to see the whole of New York is from the top of the rock. From here you get to see the Empire State Building as part of the skyline, which is one of the top attractions for visiting this observation deck compared to others in the city. You’ll need to buy a ticket for access but, once you get there, you can spend as much time as you want taking photos.

Central Park

This is one of the most visited parks in Manhattan: not only can you relax and play here in all seasons but it’s also the largest nature space in New York. Snow covers the park in winter, with ice skating rinks and handmade snowmen in the landscape, while you’ll find people picnicking and socializing in the summer. Central Park offers some escape from the business of the city, and is a beautiful place to go.

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Times Square

One of the most photogenic places in New York City is Times Square at night time. Try to get there just after sunset with the fading rays of sun, and as the lights slowly begin to turn on. For someone on their travels, this is a great place to take photos of the city.

Brooklyn Bridge

Head here if you want to have a fantastic photo of the city skyline, which you’ll also find is one of the most Instagrammable places in New York. Make sure you walk towards Manhattan as you go through the bridge to get your pictures – and remember to enjoy this part of your exciting adventure.