Isn’t it funny how your heating and air conditioning unit always goes out when you need it the most? Many homeowners have no idea why their solar air conditioners malfunction in the summer. 

When you’re knee-deep in summer, this is the time you need to manage your indoor environment the most. However, most air conditioners can hardly keep up because of the high temperatures. 

Your unit has to go through high usage to deliver the same results it usually delivers during other seasons of the year. When your AC unit is being overworked, it’s quite normal for it to malfunction. 

Thankfully there is a solution to this issue. A solar-powered mist unit is now available to help your AC’s condenser do its job efficiently. Now your solar air conditioner Singapore can run around the clock to keep your home comfortable without it malfunctioning. 

Let’s find out more about this little solar gadget and how it will help you lower your AC costs. 

Why AC Units Malfunction in Summer

If you’re using a solar-powered air conditioner, you’re not supposed to worry about AC costs, especially during the summer. This is because the sun shines the most during this season, and as a result, your AC system gets sufficient energy to stay running. 

However, electric costs are not the only ones you should worry about with gadgets. An overworked gadget can easily get damaged, and it would mean you’ll have to repair or replace it. Here, the hot and humid weather makes it mandatory for homeowners to invest in air conditioners. Solar-powered air conditioners are excellent, but these only solve half the problem. Homeowners might have escaped soaring electricity bills, but due to the extremely hot temperatures, their AC units are bound to malfunction sooner than they’re supposed to. 

Thankfully, Mistbox’s adaptation of the technology used in commercial ACs to home air conditioning units has helped increase solar-powered AC units’ efficiency. Homeowners get to save up to 30% on AC costs if they depend on the main grid for power. 

What is the Solution?

As we get closer to summer, homeowners start to worry about how they’ll survive the hot indoor environment. Anyone who has lived in Southeast Asia before knows that you cannot survive a day, let alone the summer months, without a functional AC unit. Keeping the indoor environment cool becomes a priority for many because the level of comfort you achieve dictates the quality of life you lead during this time. 

Every homeowner understands that running an air conditioning unit in the summer comes at a high cost in terms of energy and money. Many individuals pay double in utility bills compared to what they normally spend throughout the rest of the year. 

Thanks to technology, we can now decrease these costs by simply using water. This new technology is so efficient that it doesn’t need a swamp cooler to get the job done. Not to mention that it doesn’t mess up with the humidity levels in your indoor environment. 

So How Exactly does this Gadget Work?

The main issue homeowners in Southeast Asia have with the solar air conditioner Singapore is the frequent malfunctioning of the units. It doesn’t come as a surprise because the condensers have to use hot air to cool the hot indoor environment. 

Normally, condensers for central air conditioning units sit outside. This means that the air surrounding it is much hotter than the indoor environment they need to cool. To deliver a comfortable indoor environment, condensers have to overwork to cool off the refrigerant. 

A harder-working unit translates to a higher consumption of energy, as well as a shorter unit’s lifespan. The solution is pre-cooling the condenser’s immediate surroundings, and this is where the solar-powered mist unit comes in. 

This small gadget sprays fine mists of water around the condenser to ensure it has an easier time cooling off the refrigerant. With this, your whole air conditioning unit can run more efficiently, and you no longer have to pay exorbitant utility bills. 

How to Install the Unit

The company behind the solar-powered mist unit promises that it only takes five minutes to install it. It is a set-it-and-forget-it gadget that saves you from regular maintenance costs. 

Additionally, since it has a computer-optimized control system, you don’t have to worry about regulating its working conditions to suit your indoor environment. 

All you need to do is mount it on the condenser, and it will do the rest. The fine mist it sprays ensures that your AC’s condenser can access cooler air for efficient operation. 

The beauty of this gadget is that it does not interfere with your indoor environment’s humidity levels. Since the AC’s condenser is usually positioned outside the house, there is no way the fine mist can enter your home. The mist spray unit will only run when your condenser needs it to, so you won’t have to cater to an additional water bill because of it. 

Final Thoughts

A functional air conditioning system is a priority for many homeowners in the summer, and with good reason. However, it turns out this is not enough; especially if you want to manage the costs of running your AC. The solar-powered mist unit is here to the rescuer. It is easy to install equipment that ensures your utility bills don’t skyrocket in the summer.