There’s a business tool that’s beginning to grow in popularity for the many benefits it offers to both customers and internal staff of enterprises. This tool includes an online form builder that allows you to easily create forms which your customers can fill in to register or apply for products and services.

The tool is the Personal Data Managements System from a company called Beam. This valuable tool may just revolutionize online registration and ordering for the future. 

Convenience and Increased Security for Users

The Personal Data Management System offers several benefits to people who find themselves having to continuously fill out online forms to buy products and services. Apply and submit personal information for schools, credit applications, medical services, travel visa, among other things. 

The system works for the user by providing a data locker. This locker can store several facets of private information that you can immediately bring up to auto-fill into many different types of online forms. Then you transmit the data to the recipient via a QR code. This enables you to send the data encoded to prevent misuse of the data. 

By using this system, the user virtually eliminates the need to tediously fill in endless forms with the same data. At the same time, the system increases the security of the data being transmitted and ensures safety from prying eyes of any personal information you send. 

Streamline Business Processes

For businesses, the Personal Data Management system offers many options that help you streamline the processing of the data gathered, as well as saving your enterprise time and money. Hard copies of hand-written forms are a thing of the past. No more misinterpreted information being entered wrong and having to be re-entered. Your staff will get the correct information directly from the customer as encoded data that increases the security of your operation and fosters greater customer comfort and satisfaction. 

You can design your custom forms using the online form builder. Using this facet of the system allows you to streamline your processes by only requesting the information you need to fulfil the customer’s request. You can also use the online form builder to design forms that are easily integrated with your existing CRM system. Your staff will be able to process information in keeping with a CRM system and format that they’re used to dealing with.   

The entire process of filling out forms will become much more attractive to the customer, and much more of a streamlined process for enterprise staff.  

By using the online form builder to request only the necessary information for the transaction, you’ll also be creating goodwill from your customers. Users are becoming wary of offering too much information to enterprises that they haven’t dealt with before. By requesting only the information needed to complete the transaction and accepting encoded data, you’ll gain a measure of trust from your customers that their information is not being sold to third parties.