A stag party is a party held for a man who is nearly getting married and it is attended by men only. On the other hand, a Hen Do party is the one that is held for a woman who is about to get married, this party is normally attended by women only. These parties are held differently and in different times. A hen party is normally held one month after the stag party. However, these two separate parties can be organized into a one joint party called the sten party. This means that there is a one party which involves the hens and the stags. So how are these parties planned?

Tips for planning a sten party

If you have reached at planning a sten party, it means you might have some experience in planning parties when you planned for a stag party or hen party, if you get stack with the planning process of the party, it is advisable that you hire an event specialist who has experience in planning of events like having Female strippergrams and giving advice on the best choices to make. There are a few tips that you should keep in mind when making this plan. This is not a plan you would want to mess with, you will want things to run swiftly. For you to achieve that, you will need to put these things into consideration;

1.      Be keen on your attendance list

It is very important to check the list of people you need to attend the party, this can be a very hard job considering there are the ladies and the men too. The numbers can really confuse you. However, you should be very keen not to cater for more than you can handle. Affordability of the budget here can be very crucial; you should always play within your limits.

2.      Equate the number of men and women

This is a very sensitive thing that you should consider, of course many of the participants here are not married, and because they are not coming with their spouses, you should make the number equal. There are reasons why this is important, sometimes you will need to play games which will require you as pairs, it cannot be fair if one of the ladies or men hang around without a partner, and this is why you should make sure that the number is even.

3.      Plan together

To avoid dissatisfaction and disappointment, ensure that when you are making a plan, you involve all the sides, the stags and hens. There are suggestions that will be made about the venue, activities to be done, the means of transport among other things, such things cannot be decided by one party, and it needs to be an agreement between the two parties or a common suggestion.

4.      Set the budget

When planning for the party you should finally draft a budget. You can include this budget to the wedding budget so that it can be catered for as one of the requirements in a wedding process. You should make considerations when drafting this budget; it should be affordable and not a burden because there is still a wedding to take care of.

Best sten party ideas

These are one of the best ideas you can try out in a sten party

·         Beer bike

This is a good way of getting all your fun. You get to party while you move, you can move. A beer bike takes you through cities, from one to another as you enjoy the alcohol that is on board. This is so far the best activity.

·         Bubble football

This is another activity that is quite fun to engage into. It involves teams getting head to head but of course they cannot get injured because they are in a bubble. You can play it as the hens against the stags or mix up the teams, whichever way; it is just fun to play the game.

·         Inflatable game tournament

This is also a good game to try out; you will be able to enjoy the fun. This can involve a number of games which are bangers and crash, dizzy donuts, slippery summit and perilous pendulum. It can be fun to get involved in such activities.

·         Boat party

Just from the name you will realize that this is a very interesting activity to get involved in. If you’re really looking to do something out of the ordinary, then this is your option. Whether you’re wanting to enjoy one of many boat tours or host a wild mini-party whilst floating on the water. This is a fantastic way to celebrate such a special occasion. 

·         Zip wire

It is a thrilling one, you can however get nervous if you have never tried it before but it is fun. You will be able to race on the zip at a very high speed; it is an activity that really raises your adrenaline.

·         Sten festival

This is basically a small music festival which you can decide to hold. This is a replica of how a music festival is. You can hire bands to sing in the festival, there will be cocktails and other very many fun activities.

We also advise just attending live festivals like Besame Mucho Festival if you’re short on time and won’t be able to hold one after taking the talent fee of the musicians into account.

·         Escape rooms

This activity will involve teamwork; the teams are split including both male and female. The mission if the activity is to try to unlock the escape room. This game is played in a specific location where there are escape rooms. It can be a very fun activity to engage in during the sten party.

·         Hire a stripper

Hiring a stripper for a sten party can add an element of fun and surprise, especially when planned amid the merriment of friends. It’s a long-standing tradition that breaks the ice and makes the party more memorable. Having a stripper from this website https://www.hotgatlinburgstrippers.com/ can bring about contagious laughter and light-hearted fun, making the night one to remember. However, it’s crucial to ensure all attendees are comfortable with the idea and that it’s done with respect and consent from all involved.

To sum this up, you it is possible to hold a joint stag and hen party, this combination is called a stern party. The party is planned jointly and held jointly. This party, just like the stag or hen, it involves early planning and budgeting, also in involves a lot of activities which are done during the party.