A suitcase is a pretty important purchase, at least it becomes a widely demanded product when the holiday season arrives. The bag should be practical, affordable and of the right size. This is how we can describe a perfect suitcase in the shortest lines and in today’s article we will point out the most important things to consider before paying for your new travel companion.

Their Properties Are Advancing Every Day

We are getting ultra-strong suitcases thanks to new materials such as polycarbonate that is more resistant to shock. The technology is also creating safer bags, with technologies designed to identify the location of a suitcase after a possible loss, some suitcases have online identification codes, so you can get in touch with the person who finds it. And of course, suitcases with TSA lock, which is mandatory for those traveling to the USA or Canada. Optimal baggage protection with a TSA-compatible code approved by the US Transportation Security Office. 

UU (TSA) allows US authorities to control baggage without damaging it using a key that only the TSA has. If your suitcase does not carry it, they are obliged to open it and that means breaking the lock or padlock that will certainly be not a pleasant experience.

Of course, the suitcases have advanced a lot in terms of comfort, improving ergonomics, using double wheels multidirectional spinner type (with 4 wheels), locking wheels, comfortable and removable handles, optimizing your interior space by adding more useful compartments, as well as improving closures and zippers… There are many differences between cheap suitcases and those of the highest quality, and really the difference in price is worth it. Arriving at your destination with a broken suitcase in which half of the luggage is missing is not a good way to start your vacation. 

For Leisure or Business Trip? 

If you travel for business purposes a lot, you will not want to waste time waiting for your luggage. Having the best rolling aluminum attache for travel in these cases is a must. If your trip is for leisure, it will be necessary to weigh up for how many people and the days that you will be traveling to see what measure is the most advisable. 

For example, for a short weekend trip for one person, it is ideal to take a cabin suitcase, but if we are going to travel while carrying stuff for two people for a one week period, then we would recommend a suitcase of medium size, that is, between 64 and 70 cm in height. If the trip is of a longer duration, like two weeks we will have to choose a suitcase of larger proportions, that is between 71 and 80 cm of height.

Rigid or Soft Suitcase? 

Here we can also find the preferences of each one. The rigid ones are more resistant to the blows and we already know how they treat the suitcases in the airports. If you are going to travel a lot by plane, a rigid suitcase is advisable. Another advantage of the rigid suitcases is the resistance to humidity, if it rains, the water will not penetrate inside the luggage. If on the other hand, you travel a lot by car, a soft suitcase can be ideal. 

We can always put a little more things than officially allowed thanks to the flexibility of their material, and also many soft suitcases have the ability to enlarge the space through a zipper that extends a few centimeters, which is very good for your suits under different traveling circumstances. 

The soft suitcases usually weigh less than the rigid suitcases and they have practical exterior pockets to avoid having to open the suitcase. That is, if you are going to travel by plane with a soft suitcase, do not keep anything of great value in them since anyone could easily access it.

Another factor to take into account is the wheels, a low-quality suitcase will have some basic wheels, which will lead to it not being so comfortable to drag and having to maneuver as they are not multidirectional and noisier than ones of higher quality. Keep it in mind before making a purchase since there will be moments when those wheels could save you from being all sweaty and nervous!

In Conclusion:

If you are a person who needs to travel a lot for different occasion, then it is highly recommended that you forget about the exterior design of a suitcase and look for a reliable option rather then fancy. 

Keep in mind that these suitcases rarely come as cheap purchase and therefore it is advisable that you save a little more money on the side before making a purchase since the quality, in this case, is of the greatest importance. 

Pay attention to the locking system and choose the model that has wheels that will make your traveling adventures so much easier and enjoyable. Only then, you should pick the color of your new travel companion to match your own style and desires.