Everyone has their strengths, and we think the best business advice is to focus on and play to that advantage. It takes a team effort to make a business successful – thinking you can do it all alone is a recipe for failure. For example, you may be an ideas person but lack the analytical mentality to bring that idea to fruition. Or, you may be good at sales but are less creative when it comes to research and development. Having a solid, skilled and well rounded team is the best thing you can do for your business and your greatest chance at success. 

If you’re good at what you do, like our friends at Volatus Aerospace, let other experts handle important behind the scenes things like marketing and bookkeeping. No matter how good your product is, if you can’t reach your target market, or if your finances aren’t carefully managed and in order, your doors won’t stay open long– period. 

There’s really no price tag on good marketing and reliable bookkeeping. In fact, when we talked to business professionals at Volatus Aerospace, they agreed – and gave us some insight as to why and what to look for when hiring for these kinds of services. 

Here’s what they had to say.

What is Good Marketing?

Marketing strategies are ever changing and evolving with the times– reason #1 to hire an expert. With every new fad, social media platform and next generation, not only will your target market change but so will how to get their attention. In the days of old, marketing was done through fliers, mailers, newspaper ads and other print media. With the digital age came digital marketing, internet marketing and social media marketing. 

Right now the industry is being dominated by social media marketing and SEM marketing (search engine marketing). Needless to say, this has turned into a full time job that can make or break your online presence and thus negatively impact your sales. 

When it comes to picking a digital marketing company, you want to look for a full service company that can help you strategize, manage and implement tools and techniques. You want a reliable company that can be your go to for everything. Trust us when we say you’ll give yourself a headache if you hire one company to build your website, one company to optimize it, and one company to run your social media. For a quality example of a full service digital marketing company, check out Ignitedigital.com. They have the skill and reputation to take your business to the next level. 

Why Do You Need a Bookkeeping Service?

Let’s be honest, not everyone is good with numbers. But if there’s one area where simple errors can have critical impacts, it’s your company’s finances. Nothing is more important than managing your profit margins, bank balances and tracking the flow of money but sometimes small business owners avoid hiring a full time financial advisor due to lack of budget. Good thing there are fractional CFO companies you can partner with to help you on this hiccup. A professional bookkeeper will also help you with payroll, and file and pay your taxes which is a huge bonus. Again–keep it simple! If you’re an expert in building state of the art drones like our friends at Volatus Aerospace, let an expert manage your books. 

When it comes to finding an experienced and professional bookkeeper or CPA, location is going to play a factor. No one has time for long trips to the CPA office. That’s why we think online CPA services like the ones at Gramtaxaccounting.com are the best for any situation. Nothing is easier than logging on line and having 24 hour access to your portfolio and other important documents – and nothing is closer and more convenient than your phone or computer. 

We’re not exactly experts in the field, what we did talk to a few and they gave us valuable information to pass on. And if there’s one thing we always say– find someone who’s doing what you want to do well – and follow in their footsteps.