Taking a family vacation can be a big undertaking, depending on the size of the family. Providing accommodations for everyone in a large family can often cost the lion’s share of a vacation budget. But by renting a three-bedroom hotel suite in Sathorn, Bangkok, you can save significantly on your accommodations as well as your transport costs in touring the city and your food bills during your stay in Bangkok.  

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Spacious Comfort

Renting a three-bedroom hotel suite in Sathorn, Bangkok may seem like an extravagance until you look at the alternatives. Particularly when young children are traveling with their parents, three-bedroom suites are preferable to three, singly rooms because it allows parents to keep a close eye on their young ones and respond instantly if needed. 

A three-bedroom suite also offers much more space than a single hotel room. It doesn’t just have three bedrooms. It also has a spacious common area as well as an additional feature that’s sure to delight the parents.

Preparing Your Own Foods

For families with picky young eaters, or a family member that must follow a restricted diet, having kitchen facilities in your accommodations when traveling can be a blessing. Particularly when your brood includes eternally-hungry teenagers, you can save considerable money by stocking up at a grocery store and making snacks yourself instead of having to rely on a restaurant for all your between-meal snacks.

Picky young eaters will also get all the nutrition they require by having their parents prepare their favorite comfort foods while visiting Bangkok.   

Close to Convenient Public Transportation

Staying at a three-bedroom hotel suite in Sathorn, Bangkok puts the whole family right in the heart of one of the oldest areas of the city. The riverfront area of Bangkok is where the vast metropolis of the city evolved from, and there are many famous landmarks and sights to see in the area. 

The area is also one of the hubs of the public transportation systems of the city. Three of the most useful systems for tourists are accessible from the Sathorn area. 

The BTS Skytrain and the MRT rapid transit rail systems both offer stations in the Sathorn area of town as well as service to most areas of the city. The Saphan Taksin BTS station at the foot of Sathorn Road also offers convenient access to the water taxis that service the piers up and down the river. These water taxis offer a convenient one-day, tourist pass that allows visitors to hop on and off at the piers and visit the monuments, temples and famous sights along the river. 

Reap the Benefits and Savings 

Savvy travelers who look beyond the seeming extravagance of renting a three-bedroom hotel suite in Sathorn, Bangkok, when they travel with their families, realize greater savings in their daily costs than penny-wise, but pound-foolish travelers who are convinced that the way to go is to rent several single rooms. 

Experience what these savvy travelers have learned. The next time you’re visiting Bangkok with your family, rent a three-bedroom hotel suite and see what you have been missing both in savings, and luxurious space.