There is now an alternative to traditional braces in Bangkok, called Invisalign, that is well worth looking into for the invisalign cost in Bangkok  versus benefits it offers. Invisalign clear aligners offer more freedom and versatility than traditional metal braces.

Invisalign uses a completely different philosophy in teeth straightening by taking a softer, gentler approach. Instead of having to wear braces 24/7 and having them become a facial characteristic, Invisalign takes a much subtler and just as effective approach. 

With the Invisalign method, you wear a series of clear polymer corrective aligners throughout your treatment that gently pressures your teeth into the correct alignment. The nearly invisible aligners can be removed easily at any point in the treatment. There are no more dreaded visits to the orthodontist that leave your mouth aching from having your braces tightened. 

Invisalign Offers Choices

In the past, braces offered a way to obtain a perfect smile. But the method used by this form of orthodontics came at a definite cost. The brace’s bands were made of metal and had to be cemented to the teeth semi-permanently. The straightening was accomplished by a thin wire connecting the individual metal bands together. The wire was adjusted periodically to pull the teeth in a uniform direction, which resulted in straighter teeth and a better smile. 

The problem was that you had no choice but to wear the bands every moment of your treatment period, which could take years, depending on how crooked your teeth were. There is nothing even semi-permanent about the clear aligners of Invisalign. They can be removed easily when you need to look your best to make a presentation at work or for a photo opportunity. Having your teeth straightened will never become an identifying factor or characteristic with Invisalign. 

 Easier to Maintain Appearances and Good Hygiene

Wearing the metal braces of old often meant that dining could be an embarrassing social time that might leave you with unsightly food particles in your teeth. The tendency for food to become trapped in braces also caused problems with maintaining oral hygiene. Food trapped in unseen places often was the source of tooth decay. This led to more cavities and added dental expenses. People wearing braces had to get in the habit of carrying a toothbrush with them whenever they knew they’d have to eat out in public. With Invisalign, you simply remove the aligners before you eat.  

Better Image and Versatility

For both children and adults, greater self-esteem and personal image were other improvements in wearing old-style braces. Children aren’t teased at school and have an easier time keeping their teeth clean. Adults in a workplace public position can provide a much more professional image for themselves. 

To learn more about the cost versus benefits of Invisalign clear aligners, make an appointment at the About Tooth Dental Clinic in Bangkok today. You and your children will enjoy the easy treatment and versatility that Invisalign provides.