One of the best things about working from home is a new focus on work life balance. Before the pandemic most people were all work and no play. These days, however, companies have reported employees are not only happier but more productive working from home. Employees also rate being happier working from home because they get to spend more time with their family, keep up with household chores, and have more time for social outings.

The Future Of Businesses And Website Interfaces 

Since the pandemic, businesses have also had to get creative with their software to accommodate working from home, which has led to advancements in websites and interfaces. 

The next evolution in business is “multi-platform” websites, or in other words, a one-stop-shop. The most recent trend is to build websites and platforms that incorporate related services to create ease, increase efficiency and enhance the user experience. 

For example, BluMortgage based out of Canada integrates several features into their interface to provide the best experience for their clients. Everything you need is built into their website already and streamlined. They have behind the scenes software that manages and updates your information automatically so you don’t have to waste time keeping track of small details or loose ends. To learn more about their latest feature Floify click here.

Another company leading the way in enhanced platform interfaces is Millenium Geospacial. They have developed a multi-platform website to offer their clients a broad spectrum of services that can be tailored to their specific needs. This is just one of the things that put them above their competition. 

They also have operations in more than 40 states in the U.S. plus Canada giving them a huge network, a wide range of experience and a diverse clientele which all contributes to their deep understanding of the business. And due to their expansive network, they have a dynamic approach contributing to the best fiber optic mapping experience.  

How Business Have Maintained Office Camaraderie

Businesses have also responded to working from home by organizing more luncheons and get-togethers.  For your next work party try ax throwing. It’s a fun, new choice for office parties, group events and date nights. Since most people are new to ax throwing, make sure you do your research to find the right business that also offers education, safety tips and supervision. For example, offers a safe environment, a demonstration, as well as food and beverages. Check out their website to make a reservation near you. 

With new multi-platform interfaces we can work smarter; with the best fiber optics we can work faster; and with more time on our hands, we can enjoy eachothers company more.