The mining industry in Western Australia is booming, so it’s expected that the demand for mine workers will rise. However, as automation is becoming a standard in most industries, many aspiring applicants are having difficulty getting hired for FIFO jobs WA mining companies need. Fortunately, with the help of labour hire agencies, searching for the perfect FIFO job won’t be a complicated task.

When a company is looking for people to hire, they can enlist the help of labour hire agencies to speed up the process. Though labour hire agencies share similar functions with recruitment agencies, they offer a more comprehensive approach when it comes to filling positions for FIFO WA jobs. This is because the workers under this type of agency are employed by the labour hire organisation; not the company whom they provide labour. As a result, the labour hire agency is responsible for covering the cost of the workers’ wages, insurance, and training.

Thanks to this, labour hire agencies can deploy candidates who are not only ready to work, but also fit the descriptions of the job openings. This ensures that their employers are getting the best people for their company in the most cost-effective ways possible. 

Although labour hire agencies are advantageous for businesses, they can help job seekers as well. By working with a labour hire agency, job seekers will get plenty of opportunities and benefits due to the following reasons:

  • Excellent Knowledge of the Industry

Many labour hire agencies have been in the business for many years now, so they’re knowledgeable about the ins and outs of every industry. They’re also updated with the current hiring trends, gaining insight into the latest job offers in the labour market. This gives them the ability to perfectly match applicants to roles that suit their fields of expertise. For example, if they notice that you have experience working in the mines and looking for FIFO opportunities in WA, they can immediately connect you to a mining company with a job opening. 

  • They Have a Large Network

Since labour hire agencies can work with multiple employers, they have several connections to all types of industries. This is beneficial for job seekers because agencies can easily get them in contact with projects and interested clients that require their skill set. Additionally, they have access to job openings that haven’t been posted publicly, giving applicants a huge head start.

  • Provides Excellent Training Programs

To ensure that their clients are getting the best people for the job, labour hire agencies are motivated to invest in their workers. As such, they make sure that their employees are ready to handle any task by providing them preliminary training and onboarding for the roles they’re filling.

  • Job Variety

Companies typically turn to labour hire agencies when they’re looking for skilled workers to fill temp-positions or provide short notice and emergency cover. Even though labour hire employees will be on the job for a short amount of time, it exposes them to a variety of work offered by different companies. This way, they can still enhance their skills and increase their work experience. 

The mining industry is changing in Western Australia and a lot of job applicants are having trouble keeping up with the times. Due to technological advancements and increased competition, getting your foot into the FIFO door can be extremely stressful. For this reason, it’s smart to send your applications to trusted WA labour hire agencies. With their help, you’ll get a better chance of getting a position that not only fits your unique field of expertise but also one that you’ve always hoped for.