When a company takes pride in their work, it makes all the difference. Not only are their products more thoughtfully made but their customer service is genuine, and you feel good about being their customer. Having confidence in your purchase and knowing that the price is worth the product is why people spend money on top of the line brands like Rolex, Mercedes, and Patagonia. When a company has pride in their work, you have pride in their products– simple as that.

That being said, in the world of commerce, a product is only as good as its marketing. Even if you have the most state of the art product, if no one knows who you are, you’re dead in the water. The road to being a brand giant involves carefully planned and implemented marketing strategies and image management. In order to compete in the market these days, you need the resources and experience of start-up companies and marketing managers. 

We talked to some leading edge companies who take pride in their products about their road to success and they offered a lot of insight about the value of start-up capital, business coaches, and marketing strategies. 

So you may be asking yourself– what is a start-up company? We’re glad you asked and happy to tell you! Keep reading for more information.

What is a Start-up Incubator?

Starting a business is hard. And if you’ve ever tried, you probably started out with a great idea– and ended with not knowing how or where to start. That’s where a start-up incubator comes into play. They’re an amazing resource that can get you access to investors, start-up capital, help you with marketing strategies and more. They’re basically the best business friend you didn’t know you had. 

Start-up incubators like https://dmz.ryerson.ca/, even offer financial management tactics, hiring support and a community of other like minded individuals you can connect with and bounce ideas off. We really can’t imagine starting a business without an essential resource like this. 

What is a Brand Giant?

A brand giant is the kind of brand that dominates over its competitors. It’s the name and quality people pay before because they know the price is worth the product. To become a brand giant you need a solid reputation for quality, customer service and relatable business values. 

Wolverine Engines, for example, is taking the engine building world by storm. Their pride in craftsmanship has them in high demand and on an extensive wait list. Their most popular engine, the 434 small block chevy is not only customizable but comes with features you can be proud of. You can be sure when you shop with Wolverine Engines, they’ll not only meet but exceed your goals. 

Taking over the skies is Volatus Aerospace. They set themselves apart from their competition by not only offering sleek, state of the art products, but also offer a full range of product services, training, and solutions for moving cargo. 

More than just a quick exchange, these companies offer valuable knowledge, experience, and resources. They offer a shopping experience to ensure you get exactly what you need, at a quality higher than their competitors. This is what makes them brand giants.