Would it surprise you to know that our skin is the largest organ in our bodies? For Malaysians, skin health is critically important. With hot sun every day of the year and a diet that consists of many oily foods, skincare needs to be of the utmost importance. Many in PJ visit dermatologists to help them with the skincare needs.

Each person’s skin is different and needs to be treated as such. That is to say, what works for some is not guaranteed to work for others. For this reason, it can be risky – both for your health and your wallet – to trust in product reviews and friend recommendations when it comes to skincare products. 

If skin health is your priority, visit a dermatologist in PJ to get a consultation and find out what steps you can take to improve your overall skin health. 

What can a Dermatologist in PJ Do?

When you visit a dermatologist in PJ, you are taking the first step in taking back control of your skin health. As a skin doctor, a dermatologist will be able to evaluate your skin type and make suggestions on how you can improve your overall skin health. 

Additionally, if you have any underlying skin issues, such as sunspots, acne, scarring, or other ailments, a dermatologist can help create suitable solutions for you. Rather than toil away with consumer products that may not work, a dermatologist will be able to treat the symptoms and find solutions to eliminate the cause of whatever skin issue you have.

Dermatologists in PJ are also experienced in skin revitalization treatments that can boost your confidence and give your skin a healthy, radiant glow.

What Kind of Treatments are Available

If you feel that your skin needs professional treatment to bring it to life, here is a list of treatments that you can find at any dermatologist in PJ.

Hair Removal

Unwanted hairs are the worst, especially if you have lighter skin with darker hairs. Using non-invasive laser technology, you can swiftly remove hairs from any part of your body. Typically, though, depending on the thickness and coverage of your natural hairs, hair removal treatments must be completed over successive months. 

Acne Therapy

We’ve all had to deal with acne, and after a while, we know enough is enough! Acne therapy attacks the root causes of acne from the inside out and helps to clear pores and reduce inflammation of the facial skin. 

Subcision Scar Therapy

With bad acne comes bad acne scarring. If you suffer from acne scarring, don’t fret! Subcision scar therapy can help eliminate acne scarring by working from the inside out. Acne leaves scars when the skin is pulled inward by fibrous strands. Subcision scar therapy cuts those strands and allows the skin to move back into its original place.