With the Covid-19 pandemic (hopefully) coming to a close, Thailand is considering loosening its border restrictions. By the latest count, the government is eyeing Q4 2021 as the timeframe for tourists to come in and revitalize the struggling Thai economy. With many landing in Bangkok, hotels in Silom, an area of the Thai capital adjacent to the Chao Phraya river, are bound to start filling up.

With so many great areas in Bangkok, hotels in Silom may not be top of mind as the busiest; however, Silom’s incredible location makes it a great place for pleasure or business travelers to set up camp.

Are you planning a trip to Thailand? Here are a few reasons why you should choose a hotel in Silom while you are in Bangkok.

Silom is the New CBD

Thanks to banks and startups planting roots in the Sathorn and Silom areas, the entire southwest region of Bangkok is now one arguably the busiest CBD in the city. Given its importance to business in Bangkok, Silom has seen hotels sprout up across the district catering to business travelers. 

Servicing those business travelers are also a host of restaurants and community malls. During the daytime, these restaurants and areas are packed full of salarymen and women of all ages. Whether it’s a Michelin-rated noodle cart or a famous old Thai restaurant, you’ll get the full Thai experience while you are on your business trip.

Close to the River and Tourist Malls 

Like most world cities, Bangkok is situated on a river. Even today, despite the pollution in the Chao Phraya, the river is a sight to see. In fact, most of the famous luxury hotels in Bangkok are in Silom, either on the river itself or close enough for guests to walk there with ease.

Accessing the river from Silom is a great way to visit two of the most visited tourist malls in Bangkok. IconSiam, a mega-sized luxury mall with more designer shops and fine dining restaurants than one can count, and Asiatique, an outdoor mall with traditional Thai shows and market offerings, are can’t miss attractions for shopaholic travelers. 

Close to Chinatown and Old Town

We all know about the suffocating traffic in Bangkok. As a tourist, it is easy to get tricked into taking a wrong turn and be stuck for hours trying to visit the historic areas, all while the taxi fare rises and rises.

But, if you are traveling to Chinatown and/or Old Town from your hotel in Silom, Bangkok traffic can be fully avoidable. Silom is adjacent to Chinatown via Charoen Krung Road, which itself turns into the famous Yaowarat Road. It is here you can find some of Bangkok’s tastiest Chinese-inspired eats.

Walking distance from Chinatown is Old Town, where you can find the Grand Palace and Wat Po – two must-see temples in Thailand.  

Whatever brings you to Bangkok, a hotel in Silom will provide you with unparalleled access to the best pockets of the city.