As we age, the skin begins to dry out. With less natural oils in the skin, decreased cell renewal and sun damage, the skin becomes dry and flaky as well as damaged. If you have noticed your skin is drier and appears to be showing signs of damage, it is time to focus on your skin care routine. Without a continual routine, you will not see a positive change in your skin. Using such products as Squalane oil with a Dermaroller is a great way to start a routine that works to repair skin that is dry and damaged. 

Dealing with Dry Skin

Many women quickly notice how their skin changes over time. In our teens and 20s, the skin can be extremely oily and prone to breakouts. By the 30s, we are getting hairs in places we never thought we would, like our chin and upper lip. In the 30s and 40s, the skin also begins to change. 

The loss of hormones can lead to dry skin as well as considering the time you spend in the sun, any loss of natural skin oils and a decreased ability for skin cells to renew themselves. You may soon notice that your skin is drier and rougher than it was before. 

Using all natural products is a great way to manage dry skin. Lotions with fragrance and artificial ingredients can cause irritations making any issues you have even worse. New products on the market, like CBD cream, are also good for proving all natural relief for many topical issues along with dry skin.

Changing your Skincare Routine

Once you notice the drier skin, it is time to change up your skincare routine. You can start by using Timeless skin care squalane oil products with a dermaroller. Squalane is a naturally occurring substance in the human sebum. It works to lubricate and protect the skin. 

By applying squalane oil to your face on a regular basis, it will begin to moisturize the skin as well as improve fine lines and wrinkles. Elasticity is reborn, which helps you to avoid signs of aging. 

With the dermaroller, you want to use the tool before you apply the squalene oil. A dermaroller is a tool that uses small needles to create craters in the skin. These craters then allow the skin to soak up the squalane oil better, which helps you to enjoy the benefits of the product. 

A dermaroller should be used once or twice a month depending on how your skin reacts as well as heals after a treatment. You can continue to use the squalene oil daily and use the dermaroller from time to time to ensure that the product is working effectively. 

Routine is Important

Using a product to repair dry and damaged skin only a few times a month is not going to repair the skin properly. Products like squalene oil need to be used daily for maximum effect. The skin needs to soak in the moisturization and have a lasting effect rather than be treated minimally. 

Over time, you will begin to see a big difference in how your skin looks and feels. With continual use, the skin will repair itself, reversing damage as well as adding moisturization so you do not have to worry about the effects of dry skin, such as itching and flaking. 

Give these products a try today to begin on the path to healthier skin!