All of us want to get healthier in our lives and finding that motivation to do so can be difficult. That’s why many of us keep falling into that same old slump whether it’s after a week of a new diet or before we’ve even managed to put our new running shoes on. There’s no shame in these responses as so many people experience it.

However, it’s important to try to change your perspective on getting healthy. If you can switch your viewpoint from it being a chore to something fun, rewarding, and necessary, it can be a whole lot easier to commit to it. Plus, thanks to things like Gundry MD coupon codes for the supplements you may take, this new lifestyle doesn’t need to cost as much as you may think it will! Most importantly, you need to power through that slump and eventually this whole new lifestyle will feel completely natural, and you’ll thank yourself in the long run.

Get Used To Routines

For all of the following suggestions, it’s important to develop them into healthy routines. While it may seem like you’re turning your life away from spontaneity, it’s incredibly healthy to have a general routine with these things. There’s nothing stopping you from deviating every now and again but get back on track as soon as you can. For example, getting regular nights sleep at the same time every night without fail would prevent you from having late nights out with friends. A night out a few times a month isn’t going to ruin your routine but make sure these are the odd ones out and a good night’s sleep isn’t the anomaly.

Sleep Well

Getting plenty of rest is essential for our bodies to perform at their peak. Many people assume that this means getting as much sleep as possible and this is far from the truth. In fact, you can sleep for too long as well as taking too many naps throughout the day. There are a lot of things that can contribute to these sporadic sleeping patterns, but one of the largest contributors is depression and anxiety which can both also cause insomnia.

Poor mental health can really send your routine out of order, but in turn, a poor sleeping pattern can exacerbate poor mental health. This sounds like a vicious cycle, and it is, to a degree. However, only you can train yourself to get some good nights sleep, and there are lots of tips out there to help you beat that insomnia. Ultimately, you should stick to a positive routine here by starting to wind down and relax an hour before bed and try to avoid screens as much as possible.

Exercise Often

Intense exercise is a very important part of staying healthy. High impact cardio workouts are great for strengthening your heart and lungs as well as your muscles and joints. Raising your general fitness levels with cardio is a great way to help you feel healthier, and if you’re looking to also reduce your weight or increase your muscle mass, these intense workouts can really help.

Weight training is also useful for everyone, not just bodybuilders. This can be done to increase your strength for everyday life activities and helps to define your muscles for aesthetic purposes, boosting self-confidence and ultimately improving mental health. The best part is, you don’t need special gym equipment to lift weights. You can easily follow routines posted online, like the ones by DG Athlete, and get a full body workout from the comfort of your own home.

Remain Active

It’s easy to slip into a somewhat sedentary lifestyle especially if you work from home. This is where you spend a majority of your time inactive or sat down, not engaging many of your muscles. Over time this can be very unhealthy and can also lead to an increased risk of things like heart disease. Regular breaks from work, even just walks around your home and garden can help to offset these issues somewhat, but ideally, you should be developing a workout routine to keep you moving. If you’re new to working out, try some gentle exercise first, such as beginners yoga and Pilates before moving on to higher intensity workouts.

Improve Gut Health

A huge contributor to our health is our guts and the food we eat. In fact, our guts are linked to our mental wellbeing and poor-quality digestion and nutrition can leave us feeling mentally unwell and unstimulated. Good gut health will be shown by regular, healthy bowel movements, without any constipation or diarrhea. Bloating and cramping can also be a sign of bad intestinal health, and this can be improved by changing certain things in your diet, such as adding more fiber and cutting down on carbohydrates. You can also take dietary supplements like Bio Complete 3 to strengthen your gut; if this is something you are interested in, you can check out these Bio Complete 3 reviews to see what others’ experience of using the product are and whether this could be a good product for you. 

Sometimes these issues can be caused by a lack of healthy bacteria in your gut which are needed to help break down certain foods that are difficult to digest. This is where probiotics come in. If you’re wondering what they are, you can check out this guide to probiotics by the Ruscio Institute, but basically these are found in live-cultured foods like yogurt and other fermented foods.

Eating The Right Foods

As well as probiotics and other healthy supplements, consuming the right nutrients regularly can be a challenging task. It doesn’t have to be as complex as it sounds, however. In fact, eating right can be incredibly enjoyable and rewarding and doesn’t need to feel like a chore at all. Don’t think of eating right as a diet as this has connotation of these changes being temporary for a short-term goal. Instead, think of this as a change in your lifestyle and stick to it by finding enjoyable, healthier replacements to your food vices. If you have a sweet tooth, maybe cut back on processed sugar by switching to your favorite fruits, and if you love chips and other savory snacks, switch out the chips for pretzels, nuts, popcorn, meat or plant-based jerky, and even other types of vegetable chips, all of which you can find in stores or make yourself at home.

Check In With Friends

Our social lives have understandably taken a hit over the past year and a half, and this has led to many in society feeling isolated and lonely. Loneliness has become its own pandemic with many people going for weeks and months on end without any human contact. That’s why it’s so important to check in with your friends regularly, whether it’s in person or via a conferencing app as you’ll be surprised how much this can benefit you. Not only can it help to improve our own mental health, but it also goes towards keeping your friends and loved ones happy too.

Check In With Yourself

While it’s great to check in with others, many forget to do the same thing with themselves. Taking an inward look at ourselves and identifying anything that’s been bothering us can feel very unappealing. It’s easier to bury your head in the sand than to come to terms with the idea that you may not be feeling your best. But this is the first step to recovery and can truly help to get you back on track, whether you discover that you can find ways of doing this yourself or that you accept the need for outside help.

Stop Bad Habits

All of us have developed habits over the years and some are worse than others. While some may be benign or merely irritating to you, there are some that are downright damaging to your body. Smoking is one of the most dangerous habits that many people still have, and kicking this addiction is a massive step towards living a healthier lifestyle. Find ways to beat this habit by speaking to your doctor, who will be able to offer advice based on your level of addiction.