Many of us lead hectic lifestyles. Whether it be working long hours in the office, looking after the kids, or trying to find a work-social life balance, being on the go 24/7 can take its toll on your feet. When it comes to finding the right pair of shoes, it’s important that you find some that keep you supported throughout the day.

For women in particular, many are torn with the dilemma of picking between a pair of heels, or a comfortable pair of sneakers. Understandably, this decision is made much easier depending on the occasion, however, for daily tasks such as meeting friends, running errands, and simply getting from A to B, a nice pair of sneakers can help protect your feet and leave you feeling comfortable. Here are a few benefits that sneakers can bring, and the reasons why they’re so important.

Providing Support

One of the main benefits of sneakers is that they provide some much-needed support to your feet. If you’re known for doing strenuous activities like playing sports, high-impact exercise, or running, sneakers can provide you with more stability, especially when compared to any other type of shoe. 

Sneakers will support your ankles and feet, meaning you can go about your business without the worry or getting injured. If you’re a high heel fan, you may not realize the danger you can be putting yourself in. If your feet get inured, you may not be able to walk, causing you to take time off work. The last thing you want is to suffer an injury like a broken ankle, so it’s always advised to stick to flat shoes like sneakers.

What’s more, there are several types of sneakers that are created specifically for those who are flat-footed. People who are flat-footed are more prone to falling over easily, especially when running, so having support from sneakers gives them more confidence when out and about.


If you lead a busy lifestyle, it’s likely that you will be on your feet for long periods. The good news about sneakers is that they are breathable, especially if you purchase a pair made of breathable materials like mesh. These types of sneakers allow the air to pass through the mesh, helping the feet to breathe.

It’s incredibly important that you allow your feet to breathe, otherwise they will end up being soaked in sweat. If your feet are soaked in wetness and damp for long periods, they can develop a foul smell and disease caused by a build-up of bacteria and fungi which tends to be found in damp and warm places.


The great thing about sneakers is that they can be worn for all sorts of occasions. Unlike a chunky boot or a high heel that tends to only be appropriate for specific events, sneakers can be worn for different types of activities.

For example, you can wear a pair of sneakers at the office on casual days or wear them to meet up with friends. If you’re a parent, it’s likely that you’re constantly on the go running after your kids, so wearing sneakers can keep you comfortable and protect your feet. What’s more, you can wear sneakers to the gym, and keep them on when you’re completing daily errands.

Quality Over Quantity

While it may be nice to have a range of sneakers in your wardrobe, it’s always best to go for quality over quantity. Picking sneakers that are durable and long-lasting will mean that you aren’t having to keep buying new ones. You may be interested in a pair of Gucci sneakers that can not only give you the support you need, but that last you a lifetime. Companies like SSENSE sell Gucci sneakers that come in a range of designs, colors, and sizes. Not only do SSENSE sell Gucci sneakers, they sell a range of other products too, such as clothing, and accessories that are created by a wide range of top designers. 

Before picking a pair of sneakers, you should make sure that they’re the right fit for you. To do this, you can visit your local shoe store where they will be able to determine your foot type, as well as your gait. When investing in a high-quality pair of sneakers, it’s only natural that you will want to find the perfect size for your feet.

Whether you’re heading to work, picking the kids up from school, hitting the gym, or simply getting from A to B, investing in a good pair of sneakers can give your feet the love and care they need. Being on your feet all day can take its toll, so choosing the right footwear is essential. If you want a pair of shoes that provide support, are breathable, and reduce the risk of you having an injury, make sure to add a pair of sneakers to your collection.