In the game of poker, it is equally important for the player to have long term thinking instead of short term thinking. There are many disadvantages to why short term thinking can ruin your poker career. This article will tell explain to you some of the main reasons why you should focus on long term and the effects that short term thinking has on the players.

Some of the effects that the poker players face as a result of term thinking are discussed below:

  • Stressing out:

Poker players who tend to use short term thinking as their priority usually are the ones who are affected by every loss or win in the first place. These type of players usually show too much stress and react fast without thinking. With every loss, they start to create a sense of enmity against their opponents and take everything personally. And this is where failure begins in a poker, we call it “the very first step of tilting”.

  • Trying to win back what you lost:

One of the dangers of short term thinking in poker is that the player only tends to think about the present and starts counting every game that they have lost. When a players’ mind is filled with revenge, they stop focusing on the game and more on the other players. The player will only try to win back what they have lost and thus act rationally. The opponents will notice this and use it for their advantage and the player will end up losing more than what he/she has lost in the first place.

  • Being “too careful” about your win:

While it is also true that a player should know when to stop, it can also be one of the mistakes in a poker. For example, you have been on a winning streak and you decide to stop playing even though there are lots of bad players on the table. In such cases, you are limiting yourself from winning big. But at the same time, the player should not be hyped up with the thought of “hitting a jackpot” overnight. Don’t ever make the mistake of betting a huge bankroll because there are high chances that you might not the best hand and you will not want to risk losing everything in a blink of an eye.

In order to be successful in a poker, you have to think on long term basis. Poker is a long term session and not a short term, especially if you want to make poker your career and earn from it. A good poker player should be able to compose himself/herself and be able to deal with certain kind of situations. Poker is a gamer of skills and therefore, the player should be patient enough to learn more about the game and utilize their skill in a right way. 

A good poker player will not focus on fast-win but be patient enough to evaluate and calculate the happenings on the table. A player who thinks for long term will not be immediately affected by the short term loss, and he/she will have a clarity of mind on how to play. It wouldn’t matter if you are on the winning streak or on the losing streak, if a certain move is sure to have a positive expectation value, then you do it. 

If a player can focus on these two ways of thinking and try to stay on the positive side then the player is already halfway through it to become a successful poker player.