New York is one of the most vibrant and dynamic states in the country, with a growing population of 8.6 million people. The land lies close to the Hudson River and has been the national symbol of commerce and finance.

Marijuana has just been decriminalized in New York, which is expected to be followed by its legalization, giving you freedom to use your vape products, get your edibles, however you like to consume your marijuana, now you can do so. Nonetheless, to use the substance without the constraints of law enforcement, you need to acquire a New York medical marijuana card to signify an existing health condition requiring the use of the material. 

Obtaining a medical marijuana card in New York 

New York’s stance on medical marijuana has always been hazy the past couple of years, until just about two years ago. The state moved to simplify the process of acquiring a medical cannabis card because of issues that entangled the government with unequal patient treatment. 

This happened when a California drug company took advantage of the states imposed Senate Bill 2405, an automation mandate allowing telehealth providers access to electronic information for their services. 

Nonetheless, the inequalities of a quick cannabis card acquisition in the state have been rectified to allow all qualified residents access to the substance. But this is with consideration for an existing condition which has to be certified by a New York physician.

Going through the preliminaries of a medical marijuana card

Specific criteria need to be met to obtain a legal permit to use marijuana in New York. In a sense, there still lies strict rules when getting a New York medical marijuana card, supervised by governing bodies, and in partnership with healthcare providers.

Obtaining a medical marijuana card in New York involves a simple process of providing proof of residency and the submission of a valid ID. Getting in touch with a healthcare provider registered under the state’s Department of Health’s Medical Marijuana Program is the primary step to getting your marijuana card. 

Obtaining certification for an existing medical condition and getting the requirements ready can speed up the whole process.  Your attending physician also determines suitability, and qualification can be solely based on his diagnosis and findings. Certification for medical marijuana use follows after your physician has ascertained your program eligibility.

Registering for the medical marijuana program 

The next steps involve registration with the official New York Medical Marijuana Program, which gives you all the rights and privileges of marijuana purchase and use. The Patient Online Registration System is the sole tool used for registration, and you can ask your attending physician to create your profile or submit your application online.

Applications can also be simplified with the right partner to help and guide you through the whole process. The right partner will assist patients in getting the needed cannabis supply for whatever medical conditions they have. 

The usual process takes time, but getting the right help for your New York medical marijuana card can be simplified with the proper support. 

Removing the hurdles of getting a medical marijuana card

One of the valid concerns of applicants is finding the right physician who can certify their conditions and the need for marijuana treatment. Veriheal has partnered with many doctors from around New York to simplify the process of getting a marijuana card for those who are in dire need of cannabis treatment.