There are a ton of reasons why some mothers choose not to breastfeed. It could be due to lifestyle issues, medical conditions, comfort levels, and so on. However, the good news is, the best organic baby formulas, such as Loulouka formula, provide a healthy alternative or supplement to breastfeeding. Some of the perks that come with considering organic baby formula for your child include:

  • It is highly nutritional.

It is crucial to note that although taste can contribute to how a baby feeds, the most integral part of feeding is to avail the baby of the required nutrients they need for their growth and development.

Since organic formulas make nutrition a priority, they make the right choice for your baby. Depending on your choice of organic baby formula, all these contain healthy ingredients, which are gentle on your baby’s digestive system. 

Some of the essential ingredients loaded in organic formulas include healthy probiotics and prebiotics to help improve your baby’s digestion and added minerals and vitamins to aid in healthy development. 

When it comes to feeding your baby, European baby formulas offer the best choice. Not only do they give a high nutritional value mentioned above. These formulas are also overall high quality, have undergone a high approval standard.  And are nutritionists tested and confirmed by experts. 

  • They are natural

Unlike most unnatural formulas that contain lots of GMOs, sugars, and chemicals, organic ones come as naturally as possible. They are closer to breast milk with more natural ingredients, including lactose and organic oils. 

Since organic baby formulas are made from cow or goat milk proteins, they are easier for the baby’s stomach and effortless to digest. Remember, a baby’s digestive system cannot handle complex formulations that can’t be broken down in a way their tummy cannot tolerate. 

Also, non-organic baby formulas contain artificial and synthetic sweeteners. These can have adverse effects on their health. And result in issues such as constipation, gastrointestinal problems, and even diarrhea.  

  • You have more options.

Since some babies have unique dietary needs that need to be met to ensure they grow and develop well, organic baby milk is a good choice. To help with some of these digestive issues, some of these organic formulas are made from partially hydrolyzed proteins. Such an ingredient is gentle on their tummies and can help your child be less fussy and uncomfortable. 

Whether your baby is suffering from other complications such as colic, constipation, and gas, or have trouble processing lactose, there are organic formulas that can help deal with these.  Or even one that addresses varying kinds of allergies. 


Every mother wants the best for their child. Given the above perks that come with organic formula, don’t you think it’s time to switch to a healthy option for your baby if you can no longer breastfeed? Or in search of a supplement to breastmilk? 

By choosing organic formula, you rest assured that your baby is safe. And that you don’t have to worry about potential health issues that come with using American formula.