Pattaya, and in particular Jomtien Beach, is one of Thailand’s top destinations for tourism and retirement. The area has so much to offer for both the young and young at heart. No matter your reasons for coming to the Land of Smiles, here are our top eight reasons to purchase one of the many luxury condos for sale in Jomtien and begin living your best life. 

1. Weather – While Pattaya does have a tropical climate that’s predominantly hot and humid, like the rest of Thailand, it’s not extreme and rarely gets above 35°. Winds are typically moderate and there are not tornadoes, hurricanes or cyclones to worry about. The rainy season can last up to 4 months, but it only rains intensely for an hour or so every other day and then stops and is back to being sunny. 

2. Diversity – Pattaya has something to offer for everyone, whether it is sailing and hiking or temple touring, golfing, partying, shopping, island hopping or pampering, you can find any and every kind of amusement in this vibrant seaside city. From dawn to dusk, Jomtien can provide an endless array of diversion to suit any taste and budget.

3. Food – Of course, we can’t talk about Thailand without mentioning food! Food is everywhere; from ubiquitous roadside stalls and convenience stores to food courts, cafés, restaurants and bars, you can’t go far without finding both high-end and cheap‘n’cheerful dining options across the land. And not just delicious local Thai food either, you’ll find an affordable array of international cuisine too.

4. Kindness – Without a doubt, the people of Thailand are considered some of the friendliest and kindest on earth. They are always ready with a smile or a helping hand. They are very welcoming of foreigners and will open up their hearts and homes to you. Thai people love to share, be it their culture, food, history, arts and nature. 

5. Transportation – As Thailand is located right in the middle of South-East Asia, it is the perfect base from which to explore greater Asia, such as Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Singapore and Indonesia. Not to mention that Bangkok (less than 2 hours driving from Jomtien) has direct flights to most major cities in the world, including Sydney, New York, London, Paris, Stockholm and Berlin.

6. Festivals – Like everywhere else in Thailand, Pattaya loves a good party! Major holidays and festivities, such as the Vegetarian Festival, Songkran (Thai New Year) and Loi Krathong are celebrated with great gusto and are not to be missed. These special events afford the perfect opportunity to mix with locals in a fun atmosphere.

7. Affordability – When you do the math, you’ll quickly see that Thailand, including Pattaya, is one of the most affordable cities in the world. You can get the same level of Western comfort as back home for a fraction of the price. The cost of renting or buying, daily sundries, medical visits, transportation, entertainment and dining are all considerably lower than other countries in the region and further afield. 

8. Logistics – Thailand has a relatively simple and straightforward system to obtain a valid visa (aka retirement or working); enabling you to live here stress-free for as long as you want. Obtaining local phone coverage, insurance, bank accounts, housing, transportation and schooling are also very easy to establish and maintain. 

The above are just small snippets explaining why Thailand is such an amazing place to call home. If you’ve had your eye on purchasing one of the luxury condos for sale in Jomtien for a while, we urge you to do it soon before the best-kept secret in Asia gets out!