By far, the best way of using an Instagram proxy for marketing is by developing targeted (niche-specific) accounts and manage these accounts to engage with targeted users. Here’s how you can use your Instagram proxies to automate your social media marketing and develop an audience that you can monetize later on.

How are Instagram proxies used?

First of all, you need to know that using proxies for Instagram won’t get your accounts’ blocked. Because you can connect each account separately, through its proxy, thus it will connect through a different IP to the social network.

In regards to proxies, you should always use dedicated ones for Instagram. They are clean proxies with IPs never used to connect other accounts to IG. So, when you link your accounts, you do not face the risk of having them blocked.

And for managing them, you can always use an automation tool like Jarvee, FollowLiker, GMT2 and others. Just make sure that your app allows proxy connections.

Your marketing strategy explained

What will generate conversions for you isn’t your setup with multiple accounts, but your actual messages spread through these accounts.

This is why you should consider each account as a sub-category, specialized and with a marketing message targeted for specific audiences. This is why, if you manage 10 accounts from the same server, you need 10 Instagram proxies to connect each account through its IP address.

What category, niche, field to choose for your marketing on IG

Why IG is excellent for almost all categories, it is best to choose a B2C (a consumer-oriented business) where you can advertise and promote products to virtually all the Instagram’s user base.

But for best result, look for niches or categories that attract younger audiences and where you can generate a lot of visually-attractive content.

An example: sports and bodybuilding niche

Let’s take this example and let’s say that you want to develop several accounts targeted at the bodybuilding and sports niche.

There are some advantages to this category. As it was mentioned above, you need a niche-oriented and targeted to a younger audience group. And at the same time, you need your niche to be able to generate visual content.

Luckily, you can do so in the bodybuilding niche. With this niche, you attract younger audiences and you can post a lot of visual content.

So, once you select your niche, you have to create a list with its sub-categories. For example, for bodybuilding, we have:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercises and workouts
  • Gear
  • Cross-Fit
  • Gyms
  • Motivation
  • Music for workout

Basically, for each sub-niche of your category, you can use Instagram proxy IPs and create individual accounts to target your message.

So, you can have one account for nutrition, where you display recipes and products. Another account you can create for gear where you can promote equipment and apparel brands.

Each account you create and target at a specific sub-niche can have a uniquely-tailored message.

So, you can see now how you can use multiple Instagram proxies and manage and target your audience.

How to monetize your strategy

I think that now, once you understand the benefit of using Instagram proxies for multiple account management, you can see the benefits and how easy it is to monetize your accounts.

You need to create targeted promotional campaigns every once in a while. As your accounts are targeted to a specific sub-category, your followers are also targeted, meaning they are interested in your message. So for your Gear account (mentioned earlier), it’s easier to promote and sell running sneakers because every user who followed you is interested both in sports and in gear.

In conclusion

Using targeted accounts at different sub-categories within a niche is not the only way you can use Instagram proxy for your marketing campaigns. But it’s one of the easiest ways. The model is simple; you decide on a niche that has both visual content and a younger audience. Once you have identified this niche, it’s time to create multiple sub-accounts. Each one unique and targeted at an individual sub-category of your main niche. For this setup, you need to buy Instagram proxies and connect each one of your sub-accounts through a different IP address.